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Hiragash-class Fast Liner

The Hiragash Fast Liner is THE ship to take if traveling between High pop systems. The ships are operated by Arean Transport, a subsidiary of Makhidkarun. Operating on tight schedules the vessels are met beyond the 100 diameter limit with fuel, cargo and passengers. They seldom stay more than a day in one system and usually stop only at Class B or better ports. 2200 dtons of cargo space is suitable for LASH operation with 2000 dtons of vessels up to 400 dtons. The remaining space is devoted to internal cargo bays. In addition to the 400 normal passenger staterooms there are 20 luxury staterooms and 4 opulent suites open for passengers when not being used by corporate officials.

In addition to the complement of stewards, up to 97 entertainers may be carried in the extra small staterooms. Acts such as Ramen and Whipsnade and the Amazing Zigguashu sisters are featured on the ships. Also aboard are a gym and swimming pool for the passengers comfort.

And for their safety a top notch medical staff with a state of the art sick bay are employed on every vessel. The passengers safety is further ensured by sufficient lifeboats and emergency low berths for all passengers.

Craft ID:
Hiragash Fast Liner, TL 15, 2613.495 Mcr, Quantity discount 2090.796 MCr
9000/22500, Disp=10000, Config=3Sl, Armour=40G, Loaded=97045.031, Unloaded=56479.008
 55/110, Fusion=14,850 Mw, Duration=30 days, Scoops, Purifiers 24 hr.
ExtEnd excludes: (1g), Weapons=31 days
360/720, Jump=3, 180/360 Maneuver=1G, Agility=0
Radio=System x 1, Laser=System x 1
A-EMS (FrOb) x 1, P-EMS (IntStlr) x 1
Sensor scans: AOS=R; AOP=R; POS=R; POP=-; PES=R; PEP=-
Off: 100 Hardpoints, 0 Occupied, Batteries Bearing 100%, 100 dtons reserved for armament
Def: Def DM= 6
Computer=Model 6 x 3, Panels=Holographic Linked x 5524, HUD holo x 21, Large Holodisplay x 1
Officer=28 Crew=125 ( Bridge=12 Engineering=13 Maintenance=4 Flight=46 Command=13 Stewards=56 Medical=9), High pax=424, Opulent Staterooms=5, Luxury Staterooms=20, Staterooms=400, Small Staterooms=250, Std. Sickbay x 1, Swimming Pool x 1, Gym x 1, Emergency Low berths=137, 3 dton Lifeboats=69
Env=basic env, basic ls, extended ls, grav plates, inertial comp, Airlocks x 40
Launch x 4 (20 dton crew=2 TL15), Gig x 1 (20 dton crew=3 TL15), Mod Cutter x 10 (50 dton crew=2 TL15)
Cargo=38301.8/2837.2 tons, EMLevel=Moderate, Fuel=32346 Kl/2396 tons, ObjSize=Large,  Ram time= 1.2 hours
84.8 Man-hours daily maintenance is required. Logistics 405 Kl/month