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Aletheia-class Scout/Courier

The 100 ton Scout/Courier is a common jump capable fast scout ship used between star systems throughout the scout service. The ship's jump-3 capabilities allows for delivery of information to most known systems as it passes through normal trade routes and commercial lines.

Craft Id
Scout/Courier, Type SK, TL 16, MCr 74,319 (Prototype Model), MCr 59,455 (Commercial Production), Architects fee: Cr 743,196
90/225, Disp=100, Config=6A, Armor=40G, Unloaded=930 tons, Loaded=1,099 tons,
6/8, Fusion=1,163Mw, Duration=15/45,
12/16, Maneuver=3, 6/8, Jump=3, Top=2,850kph (V), NOE=200kph, Cruise=1,924kph, Top=2,565kph, Agility=1, Emergency Agility=2
System (1,000AU)
Active EMS=Far Orbit, Passive EMS=Intersteller, Densitometer=High Pen 25km, Neutrino=1kw, Neural=Dist, Environ, Magnetic=V.Dist, Passive Audio Sensor=Dist, Active Audio Pinger=Distant, ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PassObjScan=Rout, PassObjPin=Rout, PassEngScan=Simple, PassEngPin=Rout
Hardpoint=1, Beam Laser Gun x 2, ROF=40 ea=80
| Pen/Atten | Dmg | Max Rng | Auto Tgts | Danger Space | Sig |
| 49/4 | 60 | Reg (125)| 3 |  Lo
DefDM=6, Point Defense Targeting x 2, Smoke Discharger, Anti-Laser Aerosol, Prismatic Aerosol, Sandcaster
Computer 5 x 3, Control Panels=Basic Mech x 30, Electronic x 30, Dynamic Linked x 20, Holographic Linked x 20, Special Control Panel Add-Ons=Heads-up Display x 2, Heads-up HoloDisplay x 1, Environ=Basic Env, Basic LS, Ext. LS, Grav Plates, Inertial Compensators, Video Recorder, Holorecorder TL_16
Crew=2, (Bridge=2), Seats=Roomy x 8, Staterooms x 4 (double occupancy), MidPsg=6
Cargo=136kliters, Fuel=468kliters, ObjSize=Average, EMLevel=Moderate,