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Sheridan-class Scout/Intelligence Ship

Though expensive, this Scout is certainly designed for long range reconnaissance and Intelligence gathering duty. As is typical, the sensors, enhanced communication and EW equipment are what makes it so pricey. If stripped of this equipment it drops to near to the standard surplus Scout/Courier price, but is still a little more thanks to its radical stealth and emission cloaking.

The 100-ton Sheridan-class Scout Courier/Intelligence Vessel (TL12) is set up as an active duty Type S outfitted for Intelligence gathering duties. Its higher TL allows it enough extra space to carry Advanced Sensors, and Enhanced Communications Suite (For communications interception) and EW equipment. This leaves it with a cargo compartment on the third (lower) deck which can carry 3 dtons of stores.

Crew: 4 Total. 3 Command and Control/Engineering, 1 Turret Gunners.

Hull: 100-ton VGSL, non Lifting Body, Medium Frame, Standard Materials, Bonded Superdense (Expensive) Armored Hull (DR 200, Instant Chameleon), Standard Compartmentalization, Radical Stealth (-16, AMod -8), Radical Emission Cloaking (-16, PMod -8 [-8, PMod 0 in space]), Radical Sound Baffling (-16, BMod -16 [N/A in Space]), Radical IR Cloaking (-16, PMod -8).

Control Areas: Basic Bridge (Complexity 9), Probe Module, Survey System (Complexity 9), Adv Sensors, Enh Commo Suite, EW (Hardened, Complexity 10).

Communicator Range (mi)
  Radio Maser Laser Meson
Basic Bridge 50,000,000 0 100,000,000 20,000
Enh Commo Ste 50,000,000 500,000,000 100,000,000 2,000,000


Sensors Range/Rating (mi)
  Passive Active Radscanner
Basic Bridge 30,000/38 150,000/42 10,000/35
Adv Sensors 1,000,000/47 2,000,000/49 70,000/40


EW Range/Rating (mi)
  Area Jammer Radio Direction Finder Radio Jammer
EW 2,250/7 5,000,000,000 50,000

Engineering: Engineering, 3 Jump Drive, 12 Maneuver Drive (3.22 / 3.60 Gs, 1,200 stons thrust), 20 Fuel Tank, 2 Fuel Processor (1.3 hours to refine ), Utility.

Accommodations: 4 Stateroom.

Armaments: 1 Turret Battery of 1 (DR 100, 2xLt Missile Rack [82], 2xLt Missile Turret Load [x82], 405 Mj Std Laser).

Weapon Qty Type Acc SS Dmg RoF 1/2 Rng Max
Lt Missile Rack [82] 2           (+0) 10,000,000/1000
405 Mj Std Laser 1 Imp 33 30 5dx100(2) 1/60 (+7) 26000/3 78100/8


  Qty DR G-Rds Exp Dmg KK Dmg Size AMod PMod
Lt Missile Turret Load [x82] 2 40 6G-18 6dx60(10) 6dx100(5) 0 -6 -6

Stores: Spacedock (Air/raft), 3 Hold.

Statistics: DMass 313.44 stons, EMass 333.44 stons, LMass 373.04 stons, Base Cost MCr130.57, Load Cost MCr5.14, Total Cost MCr135.71, HP 15,000, Damage Threshold 1,500, Size Mod +8, HT 12, 54.8 Man-Hours/day Maintenance.

Space Performance: Jump-2, sAcc 2.87/3.22/3.60/3.83 Gs.

Air Performance: aSpeed 740 mph, Skimming aSpeed 8,486 mph, aLift 1,200 stons.

Sample Times : Orbit 00:00:04, Escape Velocity 00:00:06, 100D 00:03:34, Earth-Mars 02:13:07.

All times are Earth Std, Full Load.

100D and Earth-Mars assume mid-point turnover.

All times in DD:HH:MM format