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Peeper-class Picket

This design is for Classic Traveller Tech Level 12

        FQ-1631331-000000-04000-0       MCr 73.992      130 tons
        Cargo=0.6. LHyd=81.9. EP=3.9. Agility=0. Low=0. Crew=2. TL=C.

A dual-purpose picket ship and courier, with L-Hyd capacity for 2x J-3 in the basic configuration. The flying saucer hull includes fuel scoops and hoses, but no purification plant. MCr 92.49 singly.

This one could carry 130 tons of drop tank; the execution of a first jump-2 with a 65 Dt tank would add 2 parsecs to intrusion range and allow the vessel to both start the rest of the journey with full tanks and have a J2 L-Hyd cache if it came back that way. Brackets are standard, and the tanks are KCr 1 per Dt.