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F5 Fast Liner

This design is for Classic Traveller Tech Level 15

                XR-A431152-050000-85000-0       MCr 452.4      1000 tons
                  batts.    1     11                             TL=F
        Cargo=196. Passengers=17. LHyd=550. EP=50. Agility=1. Low=0.

The F5 is an evolution of the E5 models prevalent well into the 1000's; by the latter half of the century the E5 had generally been replaced by this more efficient model but also by the more capable (if exorbitantly costly) F6's. MCr 565.5 standard. The primary mission profile is commercial transport of a time-sensitive nature, both passengers and cargo.

The ship carries three gunners for its rather excessive armaments load; one each offensive, defensive, and dual-purpose battery directed by a Model/5 comp. If high passengers are to be carried one cabin can be split to provide quarters for two stewards; all passenger quarters are allocated at 4 Dt each.

Mortgage payments run MCr 22.62/year for the type, and a load of express cargo and high passengers at "normal" rates is MCr 12.46/year; thus, the premium for J5 services must be on the order of +100%.

If used, a drop tank version would carry up to 500 additional tons. At an increased annual cost of MCr 17.5 (~+75%, ~MCr 42/pa total) the salable capacity now increases to 760 Dt (increase of 192%), allowing for annual revenue of (16xHi, 16xMid, 632Dt) of MCr 32.2 base, or a needed premium of 30% - a reduction in J5 service costs of over a third!