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Segan-class Yacht/Patrol ruiser

Library Data

The Segan class Patrol Cruiser was the mainstay of the ROM navy. These small cruisers, under the authority of the ROM Patrol, fulfilled the functions of the Third Imperium's Suleiman class Scout/Courier and Lurushaar Kilaalum class Patrol Cruiser. Indeed, both designs owe their basic shape to the Sagan as a tribute to its hardworking heritage.

Only two working examples survived the Long Night, however, one in the Imperial Archive Museum on Capital/Core; the other on permanent display in the Congressional Museum on Dingir/Solomani Rim.


A few years ago a derelict Segan was found drifting through space in the Spinward Marches. Two years, a lot of work, and an undisclosed amount of hard cash later, the Doyle was spaceworthy again. Now owned and operated by Svetlana Petrovski (Baronet and former Commander in the Rhylanor Subsector Navy) it serves as a noble's yacht-for-hire. While much of the hull plating, and the engineering section had to be replaced with modern components, most of the original internal fixtures and fittings remain ... restored as true antiques. There has been great attention to detail and everything is as authentic as possible. In some cases, genuine replacement antiques were purchased where restoration was not possible.

The Doyle is robust, yet an additional hour of pre-flight checks are always performed prior to any lift-off, and a special spaceworthyness certificate was required before the ship was allowed to fly in Imperial space. New crew members face a penalty of -4 on all relevant rolls (decreasing by 1 per month) as they become accustomed to the antique controls. Annual maintenance is 20% more expensive than normal, and any repairs cost double (due to the need to custom make most of the spare parts).

On the up-side its nearly unique heritage makes it extremely popular, both with nobles looking to hire a yacht for the short term, and with the neuveau-riche looking for stylish transport. Petrovski and her crew try to enhance the experience of their guests with many tall tales and ghost stories about the former occupants (which all new crew members are expected to learn): The former crew are alledged to have misjumped and encountered a Dyson Sphere. Then they were killed off, one by one, in a series of gruesome and unsolved murders! The ship is also becoming increasingly familiar as it has featured in a number of entertainment productions (including a recent two-part episode of the popular "Pirates Of The Blood Asteroids").

USP    Y(L)-3132332-040000-30002-0  (MCr 204.3)  300 dtons
Batt Bear            1     1   1    Crew=8(12)
Batt                 1     1   1    TL 12
Cargo=97  Fuel=99  EP=9  Agility=1  (Troops=3)  Fuel Scoops

Detailed Description

300 dtons standard, 4,200 cubic meters, Needle/Wedge configuration
Original: Commander, Pilot, Navigator, 2 Engineers, Medic, 3 Gunners, 3 Troops
Current: Pilot, Navigator, 2 Engineers, Medic, 3 Gunners
Jump-3, 2G Manuever, Power plant-3, 9 EP, Agility 1
Bridge, Model/3 Computer
1 Triple missile turret organised into 1 battery (factor-2),
1 Triple beam laser turret organised into 1 battery (factor-3)
1 Triple sandcaster turret organised into 1 battery (factor-4)
99 dtons fuel (3 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)
On-board fuel scoops but no fuel purification plant
12 half-sized staterooms, 97 dtons cargo (The 3 former troop half-staterooms can be combined into a single 'penthouse' stateroom for guests.)
Thought to be equivalent of MCr163.44 to produce in quantity
Thought to take 57 weeks to produce in quantity