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Shambieau Free Trader 

Using a 200-ton hull, the Shambieau is a customised version of the standard type A Free Trader. She has been built using a non-standard hull configuration and has since been modified during her career. She was launched in 995 from Ascension/Bolivar/Dagudashaag (0639)

It mounts jump drive A, manoeuvre drive A and originally had a power plant A, however the power plant has been removed and replaced by a tech level 15 power plant about 10 years ago. The Shambieau now has a performance of jump 1 and 1G acceleration. The replacement of the power plant has increased the amount of space in engineering due to the small size of the new power plant. A half ton space accessible via a removable floor plate behind the power plant is known only to the engineer and is occasionally used to hid items illegally carried on the Shambieau.

Fuel tankage for 30 tons supports the power plant and one jump one. Installed in the Cargo hold are collapsible Fuel tankage for an additional 30 tons of fuel, which when collapsed take up two tons of space, and 30 tons when full, which allow an additional jump one to be performed without refuelling.

Adjacent to the bridge is a computer Model one.

There are ten staterooms and originally twenty low berths were installed, however half of these have been removed leaving a five ton space which is now used as a secure vault for valuable Cargos.

The Shambieau has two hardpoints and two tons allocated for fire control. Installed on the hardpoints are two triple turrets: each carries one laser, and two Sandcasters.

There is one Ship’s vehicle: a Wheeled ATV This is carried in the cargo hold and uses up 10 tons of space. The ATV and launch and recovery equipment where added about 80 years ago however the ATV has been replaced several times as damage and hard use have taken their toll.

Cargo capacity was originally 82 tons this has been reduced by twelve tons due to the ATV and collapsible fuel tankage, however a five ton vault for valuables has been added by the removal of ten low berths. This gives the Shambieau a current cargo capacity of 75 tons or 47 tons with the collapsible fuel tanks full.

The Shambieau is a streamlined needle configuration and may land on most earth like worlds.

The Shambieau requires a crew of four: Pilot, Engineer, Medic, and Steward. Up to two gunners and an ATV driver may be added. The ship can carry six high or middle passengers and ten low passengers. At some time in the past the Shambieau has had a mail delivery contract however this has not been renewed recently.