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April Hare-class Modified R2 Merchant

Using a 400-ton standard hull, the large merchant (nicknamed far fat or "farft" trader) is a trading vessel intended to meet the commercial needs of dispersed clusters of worlds. It has jump drive-D, maneuver drive-E and power plant-E, giving jump-2 and 2-G acceleration. Fuel tankage for 100 tons supports the power plant and allows one jump-2. Adjacent to the bridge is a computer Model/1bis. There are thirteen staterooms and ten low berths. The ship has two hardpoints and two tons set aside for fire control. No weapons are mounted. There is one ship's vehicle: a 20-ton launch. Cargo capacity is 150 tons. The ship is streamlined. The farft trader requires a crew of five: pilot, navigator, engineer, medic and steward. Up to two gunners may be added. The pilot operates the launch. The ship can carry eight high or middle passengers and thirteen low passengers. The ship costs MCr143.2 and takes 14 months to build.

The launch can carry eight passengers and a pilot, plus 9 tons of cargo. The launch is capable of 2-G acceleration.

The ship may be fitted with two dual beam laser turrets. This would add MCr5 to the cost above.

For floor plans, use the plans in the Traveller Adventure (or in Double Adventure 5 or in Supplement 7) unmodified, except that the 50 demountable fuel tanks effectively become permanent.

Book 5 descriptions:

"April Hare" R2-42222R1-000000-20000-0  MCr 148.2 400 tons
Book 2 Design     2 batteries Crew-6 TL=11
Passengers=8 Low=10 Fuel=100 Cargo=150 EP=8 Agility=1

"Bunny" LB-0102201-000000-00000-0 MCr 14 20 tons
Crew=1 TL=11 Passengers=8 Cargo=9 Fuel=1 EP=.4 Agility=2