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Sinzsha Maru-class Ore Carrier

An old design, built at the LSP yards on Lunion and Strouden. Originally built as an Ore Carrier, the Sinzsha Maru class has also been used as a fuel tanker.

M-5411112-040000-30002-0 Mcr198.472 520dt
Bat Bear   2     1   2   Crew 12
Bat        2     1   2   TL12

Fuel=57.2 EP=5.2 Agility=0 EM Agility=1
Fuel Scoops and on board fuel purification plant
Cargo= 277.4 Passengers=1 [middle passage only]
3x20dt Launches [same as Type R Launch in Supplement 7]
Crew=13 [pilot, navigator, 2 engineers, 1 medic, 5 gunners, 3 flight crew]

Architects Fee Mcr1.565
Cost in Quantity Mcr167.178

An old design, built by LSP yards on Lunion and Strouden. The Sinzsha Maru, a typical example of the old design, operates as a Subsidized Merchant, running from Zaibon to Lunion. Other ships in the class can be found running from Lunion to Gandr and from Strouden to Gandr. The mid passage stateroom was originally put in for the owner of the vessel, but is now used to allow for a working passage space. The person working this detail usually assists the gunners and the flight crew with cargo handling duties. The Launches aboard the ship can move 270dt per week [assuming 30 trips per week] If additional cargo capacity is needed, a crewman [usually the flight officer] will charter a craft from the local starport.

The Imperial Scout Service has used the Sonzsha Maru as a reserve fuel tanker. In this role, the cargo bay is converted into three sections: A 163 dt fuel tank used to fuel other craft, and two 57.2dt fuel tanks for internal use by the ship. This capacity allows the Sonzsha Maru to make three consecutive one parsec jumps. Using the 163dt fuel tank, allows the scouts to fully refuel 1 flight of 4 Type S Scout ships. This was first demonstrated in 1063 when the Shakzsha Maru travelled from Lunion to Rabwhar escorted by Type S Scouts that refueled twice. This capability allows the IISS the option of sending its scout squadron at Rabwhar to conduct operations inside the Sword Worlds directly in the event of hostilities. Some of these reconfigured tankers have been used by civilians, retaining the 57.2dt fuel tanks and restoring the 163dt cargo hold.