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Kentucky Home-class Exploratory Cruiser

SC-G1326F3-051106-97802-1 Mcr 8955.210717 standard  9500dt
            2   2 214 1   Crew=201[incld. 29 marines, 50 Scientists]
            2   2 214 1    TL12

Fuel=3420 EP=570 Agility=2 Fuel Scoops and Purification Plant on board.
6dt fighters=10 50dt modular cutters=4 30dt cutter modules=8+4 w/cutters.
100 dt weapons bays=7 [4 PAWS, 2 repulsors, 1 fusion gun]
Machine shop=1 Electronics shop=1 Laboratories=25

Design Details:

Hull section
hull 9500dt Mcr950
configuration 1 (needle) Mcr190
Engineering section
J-Drive-3 380dt Mcr1520
M-Drive-2 285dt Mcr199.5 ep-190 [agility=2]
P-Plant-6 1710dt Mcr5130
P-Plant Fuel 570dt
J-Drive Fuel 2850dt
Fuel Scoops Mcr9.5
Fuel Purification Plant 10.26dt Mcr.054717
Engineering crew: 1chief engineer, 1 officer, 5 petty officers, 17 ratings.
Command section
Bridge 190dt Mcr47.5
Mod 6 fib computer 14dt Mcr83 ep-5
Command crew: 1 captain, 1 executive officer, 2 pilots, 7 other officers, 2 petty officers, 8 ratings.
Gunnery section
nuclear damper code1 50dt Mcr50 ep-10
meson screen code1 90dt Mcr80 ep-19
4-100dt weapons bays with code8 PAW 400dt Mcr144 ep-240
2-100dt weapons bays with code6 repulsors 200dt Mcr22 ep-20
1-100dt weapons bay with code7 fusion gun 100dt Mcr9 ep-20
2-10dt triple beam laser turret batteries 20dt Mcr60 ep-60
1-1dt triple missile launcher 1dt Mcr2.25 ep-0
4-1dt triple sandcaster launchers 4dt Mcr3 ep-0
Gunnery crew: 1 chief gunnery officer, 3 officers, 16 petty officers, 16 ratings.
Flight section
4-50dt modular cutters [from adv 7 Broadsword] Mcr123
12-30dt cutter modules [4 pass., 4 cargo, 4 pres. shelter] Mcr30
(Note: 4 passenger modules are normally carried in cutters)
10-6dt fighters [from adv 7 Broadsword] Mcr72.45
728dt hanger bay 728dt Mcr1.456
Flight Crew: 1 flight control officer, 14 pilots, 4 ratings [flight crew], 1 Chief Petty Officer, 2 petty officers, 11 ratings.
Ships Troops
1 officer, 28 troops.
Service section
1 machine shop 10dt Mcr2
1 electronics shop 6dt Mcr1
Service Crew: 19 ratings.
Science section
25 laboratories 175dt Mcr125
Science crew: 50 scientists.

total crew: 201 33 officers, 25 petty officers, 65 ratings, 28 troops, 50 scientists.
201-4dt staterooms 804dt Mcr100.5

Stores: 672dt [ship requires 56dt per month, 672dt for a year].
Cargo: 230.74dt

Costs: standard, no arch fees: Mcr 8955.210717
arch fees: Mcr89.552107
discount: Mcr 7164.168574


Built at Saskatoon yards, Saskatoon/Kukulcan 3132, Solomani Rim. This design is to engage in deep exploration. The modular cutters operated by the ship work the same way as they do for the Broadsword, right down to the times and work necessary to change out each module. For this reason, the usual module configuration used is the passenger module. At least two shuttles use this configuration at all times, to allow for any emergency that might arise. It is intended that, as the ship engages in its exploratory operations, it will use up its tonnage of stores, thus freeing up space for cargo acquired while the ship is engaged in its mission. Although a Solomani design, its use has spread far and wide; one such ship is allegedly being used by the government of Sacnoth, in the Sword Worlds/Spinward Marches area. In a recent design competition, the Kentucky Home was judged to be among the top two among the contenders.