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Hamtramck-class Provincial Packet

This design originally appeared in the February/March 2015 issue.

Hamtramck-class Provincial Packets
PP-A341442-040000-40000-0 MCr 634.336 1000dT
Bat Bear    3     2       Crew: 20
Bat         3     2       TL: 13
Cargo: 200  Pass: 60  Fuel: 440  EP: 40  Agl: 1
Craft: 110T launch
Fuel Treatment:   Scoops, On-Board Purification
Architects:       Coote & Petre
Architects Fee:   MCr 6.343
Cost in Quantity: MCr 507.469

The Hamtramck-class Provincial Packet was the first design-to-spec of the DiGroat Packet Line, and for many years was the Line’s mainstay. It has since been replaced in that role by the Viscount Rhyl-class Provincial Packet.

Hamtramck: Lead vessel of her class, the “Happy Ham” had a famous career for nearly ninety years. The ship was renowned for her reliability; she never missed a scheduled departure or arrival due to mechanical or navigation issues. She also seemed to have a knack for being in exciting places at exciting times. Among other notable events, she was the last Imperial vessel to leave Forine after the Vitalist Revolt of 1071; she was the first vessel on the scene of the Ormonde Colony disaster in the Havrosette system; and Aki’s politically stabilizing Indemnity Act was negotiated when the leaders of two factions found themselves traveling aboard at the same time. Hamtramck was lost in late 1110 during one of the final Sword Worlds raids of the war. Filling in for another vessel, she was delivering naval stores to a forward deployed SDB wing in the Datrillian system when she was destroyed.

Gertrude K. Skib: The sole member of her class still in operation with DPL, “Dirty Gertie” has had a checkered career over her near-century in service. Besides a higher than normal number of system problems and repair periods, she collided with a fuel shuttle during her maiden flight and had to return to Grote for repairs; was briefly seized by opposing commandos while under charter as a mercenary transport to a local government on Pagaton, got shot up by Aslan ihatei off Weiss; and saw a nearly successful hijacking while in jump between Strouden and Havrosette. It was the failure of Skib’s fuel processor, naturally, that sent Hamtramck on her final voyage when both were Imperialized during the last war and it was Skib, naturally, who caused Clawson’s accident during the 4th war.

Generally seen as a “yard queen”, many observers were left to wonder why DPL chose to keep her while selling off her sister ships. DPL’s usual response is that the Skib’s hull and systems had less operating time. It is planned to replace the ship, but no definite schedule has been announced.


Name Keel Laid 1st Flight Builder Fate
Hamtramck 008-1019 330-1021 Bilstein Lost, 1110
Clawson 185-1019 099-1022 Ling Std Scrapped, 1084
Grosse Pointe 330-1019 255-1022 Herreshof In svc(sold)
Jahleel Carey 120-1023 182-1025 StrouFAB In svc (sold)
Gertrude K. Skib 022-1023 355-1025 General In svc (DPL)
Serge Zibhebhu 212-1023 360-1025 Herreshof In svc (sold)