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RICE Paper #AP-03264: Trin

Editor’s Note: This document was recovered from an archive of a website, called “AVANTHAR”, but no futher information is available. It was reprinted in the January/February 2024 issue.

RICE Paper #AP-03264: Trin
Trin (Trin's Veil: Spinward Marches/3235)
A894984-F N Hi In Cp 701Re M0V
ACF-8  811-9Y99-1G Re2
g=.9511 day=64:20:31.58 year=43d 5:28:50.96/16d 2:59:12.16
atmos=2.11, controlled weather
temp=-16 (7/lat 4 to -45) (season 11 to -31, 40 deg lat)
daily temp range 17
Ores, Radio, Crystal, Comp; AgriProd; Parts, Durab, Consum; Recordings, S/W
Conservative/Advancing, Passive/Neutral, Discordant/Xenophobic
Legal 4-03520, Tech FE-FFFGE-FFFF-GF-H

Trin Lives.

That is the first thing that hits you as you come out of jump, and hear the enormous amount of radio traffic that all busy ports have. Freighters and scouts, yachts and warships, all of the typical retinue of a major port is here.

Only as you near the white orb of Trin—with its thin, sky blue belt—can you spot the carnage: Several large impact craters which dot the northern hemisphere. Black scar marks, which pepper hundreds of square kilometers of the Von Herrio Glaciers. Above all, the orbiting hulk of dead cities, once home to 800 million people, now fly in a twisted, ghastly dance over the fair world of Trin.

Docking at New Sorrom Highport, the visitor is accosted with rules and regulations. While necessary in the Quarantine Zone, the rigour and harshness of the Navy seem more apparent here than anywhere else.

The actual starport itself is ample for any need or service. The inhabitants of high ports are famous for living a world apart from the folks dirtside, and the 80 million inhabitants of New Sorrom are no different. The famous Trin friendliness, patriotism and love of travel still flourishes here, but is slowly giving way to the Trin Survival Movements. The local Naval base, home of the 207th fleet, is known as the last one to see a major action against piracy, in 1159.

Non-Trin starships can land only at Sorrom Down. It is a must to apply for a permit before going dirtside, as any unauthorized craft will be blown out of the sky. Without warning. Fortunately, the authorization procedure is quite simple: merely a battery of tests to insure that your ship and equipment is Virus-free. Moreover, they will install a “Slaver”, that will insure that your ship will be docked under the control of Sorrom Down, not the pilot.

At Sorrom Down, the local government will board your craft as soon as you dock. Before the HEPlaR is cooled, armed Investigators will be onboard, combing every electronic gadget, computer, wrist comp, and every piece of every lot of cargo onboard. 

If any non-Trin ship is caught carrying Infected merchandise, the ship is seized: only Noble influence can get it back. If they are caught smuggling merchandise (Infected or not), the entire crew is shot, on the spot. The penalties are less harsh for Trin citizens: simply a massive fine and “personality reshaping”, respectively.

O.K., so you pass inspection. It will still prove impossible to sell electronic merchandise to anyone but another trader. Even harmless goods from anyplace but Trin’s neighbour, Hazel (Trin’s Veil 3236: C645747-5) will be viewed with suspicion. Three billion died because of a batch of Infected scribble tablets, after all.

About the only thing on your side is that you can defend your cargo and person from any Survivalist attack: There are no weaponry laws. None. You probably won’t need to draw your weapon, though: the days of the Night Hits, when Survivalists and the Union of Merchants & Traders would attack each other with fusion rifles have been dead for 20 years. Just make a good acquaintance with the Union, and pay your dues, and the Union will look after your ship and cargo.

If you are a member of the Regency Navy or the Quarantine Service, it would be wise to leave your uniforms in your cabins. The Trin blame those groups, especially the Quarantine Service, for the Rape of Trin. While physical violence is not out of the question, the Trin—especially the old-timers—are more likely to spit on your shoes or make obsence remarks. 

About the only place where foreigners are welcomed is at Leormen’s Point, an undersea settlement of 25 million refugees of the Aslan Incursion. The locals, Akimen and Glistenites, remain favourably disposed to traders since their religion insists on hospitality to strangers from the stars. Even here, though, don’t expect anyone to ask to borrow your handicomp.

Trin culture tends to revolve around the themes of Survival and Rebuilding. The young, especially, are considered the responsibility and the future of the entire community. They tend to be spoiled shamelessly, and have a rather high view of themselves. Trin art also emphasises the theme of rebuilding from the ruins, and many refugees of the Wilds admit to a attraction to the entrancing LightDances and mournful, graceful Thinsong of modern Trin art. Indeed, the upper classes all strive to patronize the best of Trin art, as prestige is measured in the number of notable artistic works you can own.

Even though the Trin are vehemently anti-foreigner, they still have a soft spot for nobility, and retain a strong sentimental attachment to the Regency government, especially to Norris and his heirs.  And unlike many Infected worlds, Trin have retained their technology, using it to create the best anti-Viral programs in the sector rather than retreat into a anti-technological never-neverland.

Still, these are but candles in the dark, and as long as Trin focuses on nursing their wounds, they cannot truly give local trade and subsector government the leadership needed for the New Era.


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