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Mutamask Games

In several places, there have been developed face masks that can be programmed on the fly to show different aspects (consider a rubber Halloween or stage monster mask that at the press of a control switch changes from princess to frog, noble to tattooed savage, elfin to trog, etc.). With the Mutamask entertainment system, instead of each individual having control, there is a console that changes the masks according to the game rules.

Games generally involve activities to determine what mask form a person is showing (and mirrors are a cheat), speeches, skits or songs to show off the traits of the mask and forfeits and contests used to determine what face will be assigned to a player next, Games can be very silly, or socially ugly and cruel.

The key requirements are (1) a set of mutamasks and (2) a control computer. Like many party activities, mutamasks run in fads and fashions; in Imperial society, the cycle seems to run about 40 years, so many old ships may have a set stored in the stewards' locker. Even TL 9 masks can be fairly realistic, and beside the entertainment aspects of the technology, a mask may become part of a scam, assault or murder, used to disguise an evil doer.