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Freelance Traveller Contest 2008-06: Patronage


The Challenge: This is a two-part contest!  Entrants are asked to create a short profile of a patron, suitable for Up Close and Personal, and also an adventure nugget using that patron, suitable for Getting Off The Ground.

The patron profile should include a reasonable description of both physical appearance and character; statting out the patron is nice, but not necessary.

The adventure seed should include a summary of the 'mission requirements', and several (six or so) alternative directions to take the adventure in, or alternative interpretations of the situation.

Participants in any established Traveller forum are eligible to participate in this contest. Winning entries will be posted to Freelance Traveller, and the author(s) of the winning entries will have the option of establishing the basic criteria for the next contest.

This contest was ABORTED due to no votes. Entries submitted for this contest will be retained and considered automatically submitted for a future contest with these criteria.

This contest was open to participants in all Traveller forums.