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September/October 2022


Sep/Oct 2022 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Theme Issue: Psionics
21 Plots Ewan Quibell
Other Peoples Toys: Traveller: 2300 Megan Robertson
Other Roads The Earth Colonies Campaign: An Overview of the Earth Colonies Sphere David Johnson
Lecture Hall and Library: Jump Destination: Walston (Lea en español) Gaizka Márquez
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #58: Dancing to the Music of the Stars Tiimothy Collinson
Multimedia Gallery The Pirates of Drinax Graphic Stories: Making Deals With Pirates Joe Adams

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From the Editor

It took only a few reprints, but this issue really is thoroughly a Theme Issue, on Psionics. I’m not sure why some themes get a good ‘uptake’ in the community while others don’t, but I’m glad that—this time around—the Theme I chose was one that hit the right note. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

TravellerCON/USA is about six or seven weeks away (October 14-15-16); there’s still time to pre-register and join us. The discounted room rate is sold out, but it’s a much nicer hotel than the ones we held the Con at before the pandemic.

Finally, the usual request for more articles. I have several ideas for future Theme Issues lined up; if you can’t come up with a topic on your own, consider focusing on one of the themes. Any type of article related to any of the proposed themes will be especially welcome, but anything you’re willing to write, even if not theme-related, is good! The themes I’ve already decided will eventually happen are Religion, The Cruise, The Underworld, and Life of a Ship’s Crew, but I’m open to additional suggestions, and anything you write could serve as inspiration to me or to others.