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Computer Connection

The Freelance Traveller Computer Connection is a place for the Traveller fan to obtain computer software that we feel might be of interest to players and referees. Most of the software that you can find here will be tools for use with Traveller campaigns, but you might also find links to other kinds of software.

Because of the amount and diversity of the software that is listed here, we have broken our listings up into what we feel are reasonable categories.  Since some software contains data usable on multiple platforms, we recommend that you at least look at the listings for all categories; you may very well find something useful.


Freelance Traveller makes absolutely no representations, guarantees, or warranties in any connection with any software listed here; all software is downloaded and used at the user's own risk. Freelance Traveller does not provide user or technical support for any software listed here; contact the authors for more information. If we are advised that a program is absolutely unfit for use or distribution (e.g., unusably full of bugs, distribution contains virus, etc.), we will remove it and all links to it from our site.

If you see this symbol Review next to the link to the program, it means that someone has given us a review of the program. Click on the symbol to see the reviews.

If you wish to review a program listed here, go right ahead, even if someone else has already reviewed it. Send your review to reviews@freelancetraveller.com.

If a link to a program fails to work, click on the Author or Distributor link in the description to go to the author's/distributor's home page, where you might find more accurate links to the file. Freelance Traveller will make an effort to keep all links up to date, but we're only human, and may slip from time to time.

If you know of any software that you think may be of interest to our readership, and which you don't see listed here, let us know through our Feedback page or by sending e-mail to editor@freelancetraveller.com. Please include as much of the following information as you can, in order of importance: