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 Striker Zero: Stargrunt II

Stargrunt II is the small-unit infantry companion to Dirtside II, using 15mm or 25mm miniatures and units up to reinforced platoon in size; one miniature represents one trooper or vehicle with a ground scale of one inch = 10m. Stargrunt uses a later version of the FMA system, scaled for man-to-man infantry firefights with corresponding increase in detail while retaining Dirtside's fast-play features.

Like Dirtside, Stargrunt can be adapted to the Traveller universe; the military and technological assumptions are not that different between GZG's and GDW's universe designs. However, adaptation is a bit more elaborate due to the finer scale (man-to-man, weapon-to-weapon) bringing out what differences there are.


For this reason, Stargrunt will be analyzed and adapted at a later date. For now, we have a few platoon- and company-level TO&Es as filler.

Auxilliary Pages & Links

(link to GZG web ring)
  1. Unit TO&Es (Standard Third Imperium b/g)
  2. Original-background stats/TO&Es

Stargrunt II is Copyright ©1996 by Jon Tuffley; Dirtside II is similarly ©1993 and Full Thrust ©1992; all are published by Tuffley's small-press company, Ground Zero Games of Suffolk, England. Rulebooks are highly professional and well-organized, on slick paper in A4 format (the European equivalent of American 8 1/2 x 11).