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 Stargrunt II: Mercenary Light Infantry Platoon

This represents a small mercenary platoon landing party from a Broadsword or Longsword type Mercenary Cruiser. Equipped to TL10 except for the four suits of TL13 Battle Dress (Power Armor).

MobilityD6 (normal foot)
ArmourD6 (TL10 Combat Environment Suits)
SensorsD6 (Basic)
QualityRegular to Veteran

6 Fire Teams (4 men)

ATRL's are issued as rounds of ammunition, usually 2 per team

Platoon HQ (4 men - Lieutenant, Platoon Sergeant, 2 specialists)

Specialists might be medics, D8 sensor carriers, sniper team, &c...

Heavy Weapons Team (4 men)

Each power armor trooper carries one or two GMS/L rounds

Normally the six fire teams are grouped into three squads and the Platoon HQ/Heavy Weapons Team sticks together or splits into two combination teams of a commander, specialist, and two power armor troops.