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Freelance Traveller Contest 2008-06A: Games People Play

We've chosen to use 2008-06A for this contest rather than 2008-07, because we expect it to be the sixth contest that runs to completion - but we didn't want to remove all evidence of the previous try.

This contest is about GAMES. Games that people in your Traveller universe play. All sorts of games - casino games, sports, table games, party games, ...

There are several categories of games for the purposes of this contest; each category will be considered separately.

There will be at least one winner for each category (provided that the number of entries in the category is nonzero); the number of winners in a category will be increased based on the number of entries in a category, such that at most 25% of the entries will be winners.

Submissions for this contest closed 8 November 2008.  Voting for this contest closed 15 November 2008.

The categories are as follows:

CASINO GAMES: Casino games have a significant random element, and are strongly oriented toward gambling, to the point that playing the game without gambling would seem meaningless. Physical or mental acuity may or may not be required, depending on the specific game. Examples of casino games would include (but are not limited to) slot machines, poker, baccarat, roulette, and dhe.

The winner in this category was Universe, by Alan Spik

PARTY GAMES: Party games are most focused on social interaction, and do not necessarily require any game aids such as dice, boards, note cards, and so on (though specific games may benefit from or require such). Physical or mental acuity may be advantageous, depending on the specific game. Examples include but are not limited to Charades, Twister(tm), Telephone, and the various "How to host a ..." activities.

The winner in this category was Mutamask, by Les DeGroff

SPORTS: Sports are competitive activities with emphasis on physical capability. They may be person-against-person, team-against-team, or person-or-team-against-objective-standard. Some examples are football (soccer), cricket, football (gridiron), distance racing, sprint racing, tennis, baseball, rugby, lacrosse, hockey, archery, et cetera. Other examples abound; check your local newspaper, or look at the events in the Olympics, Friendship Games, and other similar exhibitions.

The winner in this category was Po-arbaee-pa, by Michael Smith

TABLE GAMES: Table games are not physically demanding; more often, they require some level of mental acuity. There may or may not be an element of chance. Some such games may be wagered on, but the focus is on the play and the score; the game may be played without wagering, and not be rendered largely meaningless in doing so. Accessories such as dice, cards, notes, boards and playing pieces, and so on are normally required. There are probably more examples of this category than in any of the others; Some of the best known include chess, checkers (draughts), go, bridge, yahtzee, Traveller, Scrabble, and Monopoly.

The winner in this category was TravFuda, by William Hostman

This contest was open to participants in any and all Traveller forums.