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Universe was introduced in casinos at TTL 12 with the advent of large holodisplays Universe requires the players to pilot spaceships, typically with limited delta-v, in either random scenarios or set games. Physical constants typically apply but can be ignored in some scenarios. There may or may not be space combat with missiles or beams and action can be fleet or single ship. Up to ten people can play in casino games, typically in teams of two. Although the actual payoff on the game is tends to be low side bets have been taken in MCr increment.

Universe began as a video game during the Ramshackle Empire which became popular among starship crews. Played on ships through the Long Night the game enjoyed a resurgence during the early days of the Sylean Empire and began to be played in tournaments in sector wide leagues as the Third Empire was established. As computer power and displays become cheaper it becomes a table game and even a party game for those that enjoy it. Most spacer bars have at least a small 2D Universe game tucked into a corner.