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A PDF with card images and variant rules is available from the author. The textual description of the deck was added to this article by the editor; the table describing the cards is an edited version of a simiar table from the PDF; the rest is cut-and-pasted from the author's PDF file.

The Deck

The deck consists of sixty-two (62) cards, six cards in each of ten suits. Each suit has its own distinct graphic image; a card may have ONLY the suit graphic ("Plain"), or it may be modified with any of three symbols in any of five colors. Certain cards have no symbols, but the suit graphic appears on the card twice, instead of only once ("Double Plain"). The table below shows which cards are marked with symbols. Symbol identification in the table is as follows:


Suit Number Suit Name Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4 Card 5 Card 6
1 Scoutship Red Cutlass Green Banner Purple Banner Plain Plain Plain
2 Asteroid Belt Red Starburst Yellow Banner Plain Plain Plain Plain
3 Free Trader Purple Cutlass Red Banner Double Plain Plain Plain Plain
4 Comet Blue Starburst Double Plain Plain Plain Plain Plain
5 Fat Trader Yellow Cutlass Red Banner Blue Banner Purple Banner Double Plain Plain
6 Rockball Green Starburst Blue Cutlass Purple Cutlass Red Banner Plain Plain
7 Patrol Ship Green Cutlass Blue Banner Yellow Banner Plain Plain Plain
8 Gas Giant Purple Starburst Yellow Cutlass Green Banner Plain Plain Plain
9 Troopship Blue Cutlass Yellow Banner Green Banner Plain Plain Plain
10 Terran World Yellow Starburst Red Cutlass Green Cutlass Blue Banner Purple Banner Double Plain
* Jokers Joker Joker        

Starting the Game

Draw to see who goes first. Lowest numbered card plays first; Starbursts before Cutlasses before Banners before Doubles before plain. If players tied, they are excluded. If all players are tied, draw again.

Players sit around the table, deal by lowest player, who also plays first.

In a 2 player game, each gets 12 cards, and 12 go to the middle.
3 players: each gets 8, and the table gets 12.
4 player: each gets 6, and the table gets 12
5 player: each gets 5, and the table gets 10
6 player: each gets 4, and the table gets 10
7+ is not recommended.
Cards dealt to the table are face up.
Play begins once the dealer takes his first turn.

On Your turn:

  1. Play one from hand. if match, lay on top.
  2. Draw one from deck. If match, lay on top of match, even if it makes a threesome. if no match, play card to table.
  3. Take any piles with an even number of cards on table, and lay face up in your capture area. Captured cards may not be hidden.
  4. The next player then takes his turn.

Play ends when a turn begins with no cards in anyone’s hand. Note that using the jokers can wind up with dead cards.

You never get to play more than one card from your hand in the regular game. All matches must be by suit (numerical), not by type of card (SB, C, F, D, —)


Points are scored for cards in caputure areas only. Cards left on the table are no value.

Starbursts are worth 20, Cutlasses 10, Flags 5, doubles 2, and others 1 point. Jokers are worth 1 point each, but are NOT plain cards; doubles and unlabelled cards are plain.

Combinations can score extra points: