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July 2010

July 2010 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Essay Question   Jeff Zeitlin
Critics' Corner Flynn's Guide to Magic In Traveller Jeff Zeitlin
Fifth Imperium #10: My Rules, Part One: The Mechanics of XP and Grenades Shannon Appelcline
Kurishdam: Lecture Hall and Library Jump Destination: Khorlu, Bronson's Star Ken Pick
Doing It My Way Zhodani Commandos Revisited Samuel V. Wilson III
In A Store Near You The Promenade: Gig Jeff Zeitlin
Multimedia Gallery The BurrowWolf: A Traveller Graphic Novel - Chapter Two David Billinghurst and Dave Redington

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From the Editor

Up through this issue, Freelance Traveller has printed articles focusing on the various rulesets for Traveller, or on settings that are “compatible” with the Official Traveller Universe (OTU). That’s because of what people have offered us, not because of any specific decision to not support other settings, but simply because that’s what we’ve received from our contributors.

If that’s what we continue to receive, that’s what we’ll continue to print. But we’re perfectly willing to print materials supporting other settings that have had Traveller rules applied to them. That specifically includes (but isn’t necessarily limited to) Strontium Dog, Judge Dredd, Reign of Discordia, and Twilight Sector. It also includes fan-written settings such as Mercator, printed a few issues back as a Special Supplement to Freelance Traveller.

We’ve been happy to cover “house rules” against settings compatible with the OTU, as well, and will continue to be happy to do so. That, too, should be understood to apply as well to other settings—but it gets a bit fuzzy, here, because that has a tendency to move us in the direction of being a general gaming magazine, and that’s been done already, several times, by people more competent to do it than we are—including by at least one company whose offerings we are supporting. Nevertheless, if our readers and contributors make it clear that we should move slightly farther afield and support such products as Hyperlite and Diaspora, we will be willing to “go there”.

Right now, we fill a niche, and will continue to do so; we’d simply like to know what that niche should be, and how we should fill it. To that end, we’d very specifically like people to answer the two as-yet-unanswered Essay Questions that ask, in essence, “What is Traveller?”. It is only by knowing what you feel the answer to that question should be that we can do our level best to serve you, our readers.

As an additional question, we’d like to ask something else, so please send us feedback on this as well: We’ve had a tendency to print fewer longer articles rather than more shorter ones. Should we look to change this, or are you happy with it?