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Computer Connection - Traveller Programs for MS-DOS and Windows

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Some software originally submitted as being for MS-DOS or Windows, such as certain spreadsheet-based ship designers, can now be run on multiple platforms due to widespread support for the spreadsheet format. These spreadsheets are listed on the multi-platform programs list.

Program Name
and Link
Galactic 2.4
(6,309,999 bytes)
(Link is to author’s web page for program, which includes links to additional sectors)
Galactic is a star-mapping utility for Traveller, and more. You can keep notes and records in text files attached to sectors, subsectors, or worlds; save maps as BMP files; display subsectors and sectors on VGA displays; generate new sectors randomly; update existing information; and more. Hooks are provided so that you can write your own add-in programs, and some useful add-ins are included with the package.
Author: Jim Vassilakos
Freeware, IBM. Source code included (QuickBASIC)
Name Generator
(190,893 bytes)
The Logicrucible Name Generator is a configurable random-word generator suitable for generating words or names in any language that the user can define rules for. The program ships with eight rule sets, plus some extensively commented rules files to provide enough information to allow the user to define additional sets.
Author: Logicrucible, Inc. (Defunct, file hosted on Freelance Traveller)
Abandonware (was shareware, $0; program includes ads for other company products), IBM. No source
(2.09 MBytes)
A companion to HexMap (see below), StarSys develops a basic Traveller world statistic along the path first introduced in Book 6: Scouts, one of the last of the Little Black Books (Classic Traveller). It produces a listing file in text format with all the usual goodies plus a few extra - gravity, gas giant and asteroid stats, Sky Rigs, true diameters, day and year lengths, tradecodes and temperatures.
Author: Hugh Foster
Freeware, IBM (Windows 95/NT). No Source
(72 KBytes)
HexMap is a Visual Basic program which reads a file containing subsector information and displays a pukha subsector map. It runs best on an 800x600 display, and can print snazzy starmaps in several formats.The current version of HexMap (5.4) now displays detailed UWP explanations, can cope with a 640x480 screen display, and reads, allows notes editing for and prints the data files used by Jim Vassilakos' Galactic (see above).
Author: Hugh Foster
Freeware, IBM (Windows). Requires VBRUN300.DLL.  No Source
Traveller Character Generator
(700 KBytes)
A Visual Basic program to generate MegaTraveller characters using the detailed (Mercenary, High Guard) system. Many, many races and careers are catered for; output can be saved as text files, printed, etc. Automatic facilites are provided to enable rapid generation for NPC creation, and "cheat codes" for those with specific requirements.
Author: Hugh Foster
Freeware, IBM (Windows). Requires VBRUN300.DLL.  No Source
Galactic Utilities
(60 KBytes)
(Note: Link temporarily dead; inquiry to author awaiting response)
A DOS-based standalone EXE which provides extra facilities for the Galactic program produced by Jim Vassilakos. This will be upgraded regularly, but at the moment it will search on Name, Homeworld Codes, UWP - part or full - allegiance or Notes.
Author: Hugh Foster
Freeware, IBM. No Source
MegaTraveller Character Generator
(392 KBytes)
more info
Character generation program for MegaTraveller and compatible systems. Includes a wide range of races and careers.
Author: Gregory Svenson
Freeware, IBM. Source available (multiple files available from this page) (C)
(Note: Links to pages are on Wayback Machine pending relocation of author's website. Software (but not source) is hosted by Freelance Traveller. The source available above may represent an earlier version of the program)
World Generator
A program for generating star systems using the rules from a combination of rule sets.
Author: Douglas Glatz
Freeware, IBM (Windows95). Source available (Visual BASIC, version not known). Project files available (email author). Update Available (see instructions on web page).
World Builder Deluxe
Allows the user to generate World Details, Encounter Tables, Psionic Institutes Profile and Economic Profile for a given UWP. The UWP can be entered manually, generated randomly or selected from a Sector File. The information is generated from the rules provided in the MT World Builders Handbook, T4 Rulebook, T4 Psionic Institutes and T4 Pocket Empires.Allows user to load in Sector Files (*.SEC) and TrTools Files (*.UWP).
Author: Stuart W. Ferris
Freeware, IBM (Windows95/98/NT). No source.
Traveller Navigator
Available sectors:
Spinward Marches (1.1MB)
Deneb (1.1MB)
Reft (1.0MB)
Diaspora (1.2MB)
Old Expanses (1.1MB)
This is essentially a set of Windows help files with sector data for five sectors, covering the pre-Rebellion and New Eras. Each sector includes clickable subsector maps, and general library data including ship specifications.
Author: Planet Three Software (defunct; hosted at Freelance Traveller)
Freeware, IBM (Windows). Requires support for Microsoft Windows 3.1 help files and 16-bit DLLs.
MegaTraveller 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy
Program (517KB)
Manual (97K)
Tips and Solution (8K)
One of the early crossover products between RPGs and Adventure games. You must thwart the invasion of alien Zhodani by finding the renegade who has been supplying arms to them. It's a very skill-intensive game that focuses more on character development and combat.
Author: Paragon Software (defunct; hosted at Freelance Traveller)
Freeware (Abandonware), IBM. No Source.
MegaTraveller 2: Quest For The Ancients
Program (1700K)
Manual (175K)
The sequel to MegaTraveller 1 surpasses its predecessor in every respect: sharp VGA graphics, more detailed character creation, and vastly improved gameplay. Although still set in the MegaTraveller universe, the plot is different each time: your party is now assigned to find secrets of the mysterious alien race Ancients. Highly recommended for sci-fi RPGers who prefer skill-based character development and combat more than solving puzzles.
Author: Paragon Software (defunct; hosted at Freelance Traveller)
Freeware (Abandonware), IBM. No Source.
Heaven and Earth
A successor program to World Builder Deluxe, Heaven and Earth is capable of generating extensive data, including maps, for all of the major bodies in an entire sector, including satellites. It also maintains the functionality of World Builder Deluxe, and is compatible with its files.
Author: Stuart W. Ferris
Freeware, IBM (Windows95/98/NT). No source. Requires presence of Internet Explorer 4 or later, or SHDOCVW.DLL.
Star Generator
Star Generator is a star system generator for Sci-Fi RPGs. It includes things like binary systems, asteroids, atmospheric composition, unusual planet characteristics (rings, native life, high tides...), day and night temperatures and/or quantity of mineral resources.
Author: "Aina"
Freeware, IBM (Windows98/2000/XP). Source available (Pascal/Delphi).
StarGen generates star system profiles as HTML pages, based on refinements of several algorithms developed and refined over the past 30 years.
Author: Jim Burrows
Freeware, IBM (Windows98/2000/XP). Source available (C/C++, Visual C++ recommended)
Planet Generator
(165 KB)
This fractal planetary image generator produces realistic-appearing planetary images in several graphic format.
Author: Jim Burrows and Torben Ęgidius Mogensen
Freeware, IBM (Windows98/2000/XP). Source available (C). Documentation is in source archive.

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