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Computer Connection - Traveller Programs for Apple II

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Program Name
and Link
Space I
(AppleWin Disk Image, ZIP)
(77,963 bytes)
This six-game suite was originally written for the Apple II or II+. From the included documentation (we haven't played it yet), it seems very much to be a Traveller-esque computer-refereed RPG.

First Blood - Now the game is life or death...will you survive?

Defend - On a small planet along the outer reaches of the Imperium, you administrate an Imperial colony. Suddenly, it is under attack and about to be plundered. Do you evacuate, mobilize, surrender, or abandon the citizens?

Trader - Recreate the Nicholas Van Rijn myth by exploiting the vast emptiness of the Imperium's shipping lanes...if you can.

Explore - On the edge of an ever receding frontier, you attempt to make your fortune by searching out valuable mineral deposits.

High Finance - Imperium-wide investment opportunities are available for you if you have amassed enough Credits during your earlier escapades. Browse your portfolio, and manipulate it to your heart's content.

Authors: Steven W. Pederson and Sherwin A. Steffin
(Available at the Interactive Fiction Archive)
Freeware, Apple II/II+. No source.

Space II
(AppleWin Disk Image, ZIP)
(74,570 bytes)
These two games formed a sequel to the Space I suite.

Venture once more into the far distant future...

Psychodelia - Planetfall at last. You gather your gear, dog the hatch, and set out to explore the back-alleys of Psychodelia - a world where mind-expanding substances are sold in "shooting-galleries."

Shaman - Set down in the midst of an untamed planet, you must survive long enough to leave the backwater world...it's time to gull the natives. Traveling from one town to the next in the guise of a Shaman, you lure native converts with seeming magic, sacrifices, odd rituals, and oracular prophesy...not to mention fire-and-brimstone sermons.

Authors: David G. Mullich, Steven W. Pederson and Sherwin A. Steffin
(Available at the Interactive Fiction Archive)
Freeware, Apple II/II+. No source.

Traveller Utilities
(AppleWin Disk Image, ZIP)
(190,955 bytes)
A collection of various Apple utilities created for TRAVELLER in the mid-80's. They include: Trader, WordGen, Beastiary, and Traveller (a collection of the three pervious separate programs).

Authors: Unknown.
(Link is broken, corrected version not found yet)
Freeware, Apple II/II+. No source.

StarCrystal, Episode I - Mertactor: "The Volentine Gambit"
(AppleWin Disk Image, ZIP)
(207,788 bytes)
This adventure was originally written for the Apple II.

The planet is Mertactor/District 268 of the Spinward Marches, located at the fringe of the Imperium. The assignment is simple and profitable - recover a flashy artifact recently taken from a representative of DerBonne Merchants, L.I.C., and return it to Baron Edko Volentine, a corporate director. You've got two days before your passage home, the Far Trader "Arax House," is loaded with cargo and ready to leave. There's not really enough time, but it couldn't hurt to look around - the Mertactor outback is supposed to be fairly scenic, and you might get lucky. Baron Volentine could be a useful man to make happy.

"Gambit" is a term from chess, an ancient Solomani pastime, describing the early sacrifice of a pawn in exchange for a long term positional advantage. Baron Edkos Volentine had many pawns on Mertactor to choose from, but guess who got the job?

Welcome to Mertactor!

Authors: Unknown.
(Available from the Interactive Fiction Archive)
Freeware, Apple II/II+. No source.

(AppleWin Disk Image, ZIP)
(45,087 bytes)
This integrated suite of character generation utilities covers all of the careers included in the Classic Traveller basic rule, plus those from Citizens of the Imperium. There are provisions for creating new careers as well. The author has agreed to allow it to be ported to other platforms; those versions will also be offered on Freelance Traveller as they become available.

Author: Scott Everts.
(Distributed by Freelance Traveller)
Freeware, Apple II/II+. Source Included (Applesoft BASIC).

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