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Published Products - Steve Jackson Games (SJG)

Steve Jackson Games has been licensed since 1998 to produce Traveller material that is compatible with their GURPS role-playing system. The background material produced follows an alternate time track from that of the 'official' Traveller milieu as defined by Game Designers' Workshop. They also produced some items for Classic Traveller.

GURPS Traveller Releases
e23 (Electronic releases for Traveller)
Classic Traveller

If you see this symbol Review next to a title, it indicates that the item is reviewed in Freelance Traveller, and you may read the review by following the link defined on the symbol.

GURPS Traveller

e23 (Electronic releases for Traveller)

This section does not include Comstar/Avenger products available through e23; those products will be listed under the Comstar/Avenger heading.

Classic Traveller

These items were cardboard punch-outs useful as quick replacements for metal miniatures. Note that the current GURPS Traveller Deck Plans also include similar 'Cardboard Heros'.