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Published Products - QuickLink Interactive (QLI)

QuickLink Interactive has been licensed since 1998 to produce Traveller material that is compatible with the D20 role-playing system. They are also working on source material to continue the TNE (Traveller: The New Era) timeline.

QLI was also a distributor for Avenger Enterprises; Some Traveller material from this company will also be listed here, under the Avenger Enterprises name.  For current Avenger Enterprises products, please see the Mongoose Traveller listings.

If you see this symbol Review next to a title, it indicates that the item is reviewed in Freelance Traveller, and you may read the review by following the link defined on the symbol.

Current Releases


Classic Traveller

Traveller's Aid Series

EPIC Adventure Series

Golden Age EPIC Adventure Series

Avenger Enterprises

The Free Library