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Published Products - Digest Group Publications (DGP)

The following Traveller items were published by Digest Group Publications between ???? and 1994.

If you see this symbol Review next to a title, it indicates that the item is reviewed in Freelance Traveller, and you may read the review by following the link defined on the symbol.

Travellers' Digest

Travellers' Digest was a magazine in many ways similar to GDW's Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society. The most notable differences were the physical format (JTAS was a digest-sized publication; TD was full-sized) and the focus in TD on a continuing adventure running through all issues. The articles not directly part of the adventure usually were associated with the adventure, being background information on the people, places, and things that played a prominent part in the adventure itself.

MegaTraveller Journal

The MegaTraveller Journal was also a magazine focussed on Traveller. It was published after the end of the Travellers' Digest adventure. These magazines were sourcebook-sized, and included a complete adventure and supplementary material connected with that adventure.