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30 April 2011 - From the Internet

Terra/Sol Games has released Starfarers’ Gazette #1, a supplement for their Twilight Sector setting for Traveller. It is structured as an in-universe magazine, and there are plans for more issues in the future.

Also from Terra/Sol Games is the first of the Six Guns series of supplements, Six Guns: Gauss Weapons. Each Six Guns (it sounded better than ‘Six Things’) release will look at six items, not necessarily weapons, for Traveller, not necessarily for any particular setting.

Gypsy Knight Games has brought the number of Quick Worlds supplements to eight, with the release of Quick Worlds 6: Hendershot, Quick Worlds 7: Gagnon, and Quick Worlds 8: Slaren.

Travellercon/USA will be happening October 14-16. The site does not appear to have been announced at this time, but vendor and referee registration opened April 1. Participant registration will be opening May 15.

Mongoose Publishing has released two more books in their Traveller line: Library Data, and The Third Imperium: Starports.

Our readers who are bilingual in French may be interested to know that Traveller is also available in French; so far, Mongoose Publishing has released Livre de Règles de Traveller, Livre 1: Mercenaire, and Supplemént 1 : Vaisseaux Marchands & Cannonières.