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06 April 2007 - Ad Astra Games Announces Traveller Releases

Ad Astra Games is proud to announce our license with Far Future Enterprises to bring a range of Traveller products to your gaming table.

First, we are producing, under license, an edition of Power Projection that combines both Fleets and Escorts in one rulebook. This has been out since January.

Second, we anticipate in late Spring having the first two Fleet Boxes of Traveller warship miniatures. All of these are done in 1:7200 scale. We have also acquired the molds for the former MegaMiniatures line of Traveller Spaceships and will be releasing them soon in new packaging.

We have also reached an agreement to do Traveller Fleet Reference Guides, set in the Third Imperium. These softcover books, around 60 pages each, with black and white interiors and color plates, will follow much the same template as our Jayne's series of ship guides for the Honor Harrington Universe. Loren Wiseman will be the primary author, we're working with other Traveller writers to bring them into the project, and expect to have the first two books out this summer, with more to follow on at a regular basis.

The backbone of any Fleet Reference Guide will be class histories of ships, The first fleet Reference Guide for the Imperium will have the definitive class histories for the following ships:

In addition to being reference books any Traveller player will love to own, they also serve as painting guides for the miniatures for use with Power Projection.

We are coordinating with the folks who do Power Projection to make sure that future Power Projection release synchronise their ship lists with the Fleet Reference Guides.