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23 May 2006 - Traveller Hero Coming to ComStar

As promised, we have a big announcement to make that we know will make fans of science fiction gaming very happy: ComStar is licensing the Hero System from Hero Games to create a line of Traveller products for use with the Hero System.

In addition to a line of pdf products, we are looking forward to making a limited number of Traveller Hero products available for print (for those of you that prefer that format).

We will keep you updated here on this development!

Our growing catalog of Traveller products is just a part of what will be a big science fiction summer for ComStar. We are looking to publish our science fiction core rulebook, Martian Insurrection, and a science fiction core game for the Fudge system!

Of course, science fiction is not all we have coming for the hot days of summer. In various stages of preparation are a superhero core book (with setting), and support materials for Combat (Combat: Terror! And Combat: Worldwide), Mecha Aces (including a setting and expanded rules for Cybernetics by Anthony Ford) and more!

On another note, we will soon be putting up a ‘retailer locator’ to help gamers find stores that can help them get our games. If you know of any good game stores in your local area, please send the name, address and phone number to us at games@comstar-games.Com.

We plan on providing Hero System versions of nearly all of our current Traveller products (see them by clicking *here*), with more Traveller Hero products to come.

Also, please remember to keep an eye on our Fiction side, as (in addition to the growing catalog of great stories they are doing) more gaming related fiction is slated for publication (including a line of Traveller fiction).

Please be sure to check back here for ongoing updates!

Thanks, and Keep Gaming!