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Avenger's Traveller Titles Coming to Comstar

Contact Information:
ComStar's Director of Games: William Andersen (director@comstar-games.com)
Avenger Enterprises: Martin James Dougherty (avenger@comstar-games.com)

William Andersen and Martin James Dougherty announced today that Avenger Enterprises has signed an exclusive publishing deal with ComStar Media, LLC. Under the agreement, Traveller products created by Martin and his Avenger Enterprises brand will be published by ComStar Media, LLC.

While financial terms were not disclosed, both parties expressed confidence and excitement about the new relationship.

"I am a long time fan of Traveller, and loved Martin's work on T20," commented ComStar's Director of Games, William Andersen. "We are looking forward to a long term relationship with Martin and the folks at Avenger Enterprises."

"Avenger Enterprises was formed because we just plain love this game," says Martin J Dougherty, freelance author and founder of Avenger Enterprises. "Working with ComStar means we can put out more Traveller products, and that's good for everyone."

Company Information

About ComStar: ComStar is an Oregon based publisher of fiction and gaming materials. Started in 2004, this family business has grown to become a creator and publisher of both electronic and print products. The game division of the company publishes a wide variety of products for the Fudge, Action and d20 game systems. Additional information can be found at http://comstar-media.com and its gaming division at http://www.comstar-games.com.

Avenger Enterprises was formed in 2004 to publish materials for all versions of the Traveller game, concentrating initially on the two most popular settings within the Official Traveller Universe, the Golden Age of the early 1100s and the post-collapse Recovery Period of the early 1200s. Avenger supplements and adventures represent a return to Traveller's roots: a mix of hard science and wonder; human drama and heroic adventures. Light on rules mechanics, Avenger materials are all about adventure and excitement in the far future.