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MegaMiniatures to Release New Line of Traveller Miniatures

29 July 2005

Far Future Enterprises and Mega Miniatures have teamed up to produce the broad range of Adventure Class starships from the Traveller universe to a Terran store near you. Adventure Class starships (the basic ships that Traveller players encounter and use as they travel between worlds) include free and far traders, corsairs and SDBs, scouts and escorts, cruisers and small craft.

Using detailed reference material from the Traveller archives, Mega Miniatures will release a range of twelve ships during the 2006 season.

Mega Miniatures first ship in their Traveller Adventure Class series is the 200-ton Free Trader Beowulf. Cast in tin, the ship measures 55 mm long and comes with a  plastic hexagonal flight stand.

The first ship in the Traveller Adventure Class series is scheduled to ship to stores in January 2006. Compatible with all editions of Traveller including Classic, GURPS, and T20, Adventure Class ship packs include plastic hexagonal flight stands. More ships are in pre-production even as we speak and will be posted at http://www.megaminis.com/; A line to the site will also be posted at http://www.farfuture.net/.

Mega Miniatures is a multi-line adventure gaming miniatures manufacturer which sells through hobby distributors only.   Your favorite local hobby store can order from our list of distributors see our site for details.

Far Future Enterprises is a role-playing game publisher specializing in Traveller and Twilight: 2000 role-playing game products.