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SJGames Traveller License Extended Three Years; Interstellar Wars Period To Be Developed

5 August 2002

Interstellar Wars: A New Direction For Traveller Steve Jackson Games is pleased to announce that its license to produce a GURPS version of the classic science-fiction roleplaying game Traveller has been extended for another three years. By agreement with Far Future Enterprises, the GURPS Traveller line, as well as the online Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, will continue at least through the end of 2005.

The new license also gives SJ Games the right to open up a new period in the distant past of the classic Third Imperium setting. Long before the foundation of the Imperium, the Humans of Terra reached the stars for the first time, only to find that they were already owned by someone else. Centuries of conflict followed, in which the outnumbered Terrans fought for their very survival against a vast but decadent alien empire. Now GURPS Traveller will examine this crucial time. The first release in the new line, GURPS Traveller: The Interstellar Wars, is tentatively scheduled for a Summer 2003 release.

"The Interstellar Wars have always been of great interest to Traveller fans," said GURPS Traveller Line Editor Jon F. Zeigler. "It's very exciting to have the opportunity to develop this period into a setting for epic adventure." Marc Miller, creator of Traveller, agreed. "I'm excited about opening a new milieu. There's room for a lot of new things here." Senior Line Editor Loren Wiseman, long-time Traveller author and editor, remains at the helm of the GURPS Traveller product line. He is assisted by Zeigler, and by Graeme Davis, editor of the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society (JTAS).