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QuikLink Interactive Announces Availability of 'T20 Lite'

20 July 2002

The major news is that we (QLI) are about to release our T20 Lite rules. A rough initial version will be available from Monday 22nd. We're inviting comment on this rough version; after a week or so these comments will be compiled into the final version. The Lite rules will be available for free from our website.

T20 Lite is a 58-page version of the full T20 rules, which are currently in the final stages of layout. The full rules are 450 pages long, so even though there is a great deal on the Lite rules, we feel that there is plenty more in the full rulebook!

T20 Lite will be supported by a number of additional free products. The Citizens of the Imperium (CotI) webzine is about to go live. It contains a range of utilities for Traveller, including Animal Encounter and Encounter Table generators, maps of the Gateway region, and more.

CotI will be updated with more free material on a weekly basis. The first major update is the Linkworlds Cluster, a campaign setting for Traveller. The Linkworlds are found in Ley Sector, and this supplement is compatible with all data in the forthcoming Domain of Gateway sourcebook.

The full Linkworlds resource includes setting overview, world data, mini-adventures in the form of Amber Zones and Patron Encounters, personalities, and a minicampaign set on the worlds of the cluster.