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Obituary: J. Andrew Keith

August 7, 1999 (Reported October 17, 1999)

On August 7, 1999, noted Traveller author J. Andrew Keith died in a hospital near his home. The cause of death is listed as pulmonary thrombosis, or blood clots in both lungs.

Mr. Keith and his brother William were both involved in creating material for Traveller for many years, dating back to the 'classic' era. Numerous supplements from both Game Designer's Workshop and Digest Group Publications appeared over Mr. Keith's byline, as did many articles in several well-respected magazines for Traveller fans, and some adventure supplements for Traveller from other publishers. Some of the more notable titles in Mr. Keith's long list are six of the seven Alien Modules (all except #6, Solomani) (GDW), and Grand Survey and Grand Census (which later were combined into World Builder's Handbook) (DGP). Mr. Keith also wrote several Contact! articles from the original Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society, including the initial introduction of the Aslan to the world of Traveller.