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Physician Career for Cepheus Deluxe

This career originally appeared in Cepheus Journal 12, and was reprintged with permission in the March/April 2024 issue of Freelance Traveller.

While Cepheus Deluxe has the Scholar career where you can generate a doctor, I have enough players who specifically want to play a physician that I created a career for them.

You were a medic, doctor, or surgeon.
Career Skills
Service Skills Specialist Skills Advanced Education
Admin Athletics Xeno-Medicine
Computer Driving Steward
Medicine Grav Vehicles Medicine
Liaison Gun Combat Admin
Investigation Jack-of-all-Trades Gun Combat
Science Medicine Leadership
Rank Skills
Rank Title Bonus Skill
0 Student
1 Intern
2 Resident
3 Fellow Medicine-1
4 Physician
5 Specialist
6 Professor Xeno-Medicine-1
Mustering-Out Benefits
1D6 Cash Materials
1 5,000 Contact
2 10,000 +1 SOC
3 15,000 +1 INT
4 20,000 High Passage
5 30,000 +1 EDU
6 60,000 Vehicle
Training in the medical sciences, from diagnosis and triage to surgery, that deals specifically with alien sophonts
2D6 Description
2 Injury. Roll on the Injury table, but you are not ejected from the career.
3 Cybered! Your academic institute pays for advanced cybernetic implants. Gain Cr6,000 worth of cybernetics.
4 Breakthrough! You make a medical breakthrough. Gain DM+2 to one Benefit roll.
5 Combat. You serve in a front-line unit. Gain a level in Survival or Gun Combat.
6 Immoral Conduct. You are offered an opportunity to engage in immoral, potentially illegal, medical services. Accept, and gain a level in Science, Deception, or Medicine; refuse, and you do not receive this skill; blow the whistle and gain the leader as an Enemy.
7 Life Event. Roll on the Life Event table.
8 Confidential Project. You work on a secret project for a powerful organization. Keep your mouth shut and gain a level in Science, Liaison, or Medicine. Sell the results to a rival company and gain an extra Benefit roll and the organization as an Enemy.
9 Plagiarism. You have an opportunity to steal another physician’s breakthrough. Exploit it, and receive an extra Benefit roll and the victim as an Enemy; avoid the temptation, and you gain nothing but integrity.
10 Talent Grab. An enemy organization decides to kidnap you and force you to work for them. Try to escape and throw DEX 8+ to avoid injury; jump ship and gain an extra Benefit roll from your new employer and your former employer as an Enemy.
11 Mentor. You work with a prominent and famous specialist in your field. Gain them as a Contact.
12 Advancement. Your pioneering techniques have been phenomenally successful. Gain a rank and a free skill level.