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Elv's Traveller Pages

Elv's Traveller Pages (John G. Wood)

Most of this site has red text on a black background (a homage to the LBB covers). Although this colour scheme can get irritating to read it is image-light ... so pages are fast loading. In keeping with the LBB style there are links from the front page to:

The "Introduction" page states that it is for material that doesn't fit elsewhere. So far there are only 2 pieces, both about psionics. First is a "right of reply" letter ... complaining at the pro-psionic bias of a recently transmitted program. Second is a psionic institute checklist: based on T4 (local world attitute, presence of a psionic institute, how many students, campuses, etc).

The "Characters and Combat" page is empty.

The "Starships" page contains GT translations of some Hiver ships from Alien Module 7 (Explorer, Trader, Embassy Ship, and Research Cruiser). There's also a link to a 400dton GTL10 Lighter, and to a landgrab page (Prilissa/Trin's Veil).

The "Worlds and Adventures" has links to write-ups of Ochre and Cymbeline (both in the Solomani Rim), a link to a formal landgrab of Prilissa (Spinward Marches), and links to two sector write-ups (Windhorn and Usingou). The Ochre and Cymbeline write-ups include both text and stats, and could qualify as landgrabs. The Prilissa write-up *is* a landgrab (albeit as yet unfinished) ... there is a large amount of text and stats, and some graphics (world map and system chart). The sector write-ups are "initial development" and has data in Galactic SEC and Galactic SAR formats, a list of subsector names, and a micro-sized sector map.

The "Forms and Charts" page has a CC2 file of "IS Form 21" (world grid), and Gal2CC (a utility that converts sector and subsector maps from Galactic to CC2). There are also 3 Word documents for use with T4 (PE Forms, Shipcards, and a system worksheet) bundled into a 26K zip.

In summary: T4, GT, and generic resources, wrapped up in CT style. The sector write-ups try to be true to the DGP dot maps of those sectors (good!). And there is generally good support for Galactic. This site also reports that it was last updated on 15-Mar-2005 (good, an active site).

Improvements: The layout implies that more content is coming soon ... as it stands at the moment the level of content would support folding in the main section pages into the front page. More content is always good. With the prominence of Galactic in this site I would have expected a link to Jim Vassilakos's site (where Galactic can be found). I look forward to the completion of the landgrab and more info on the Windhorn and Usingou sectors.