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Scouts and Assassins

There were five different versions of this LBB sized supplement. This review covers them all. This excellent little publication was the first to flesh out the Scout Service, giving them a little more experience and a new ship, the 100 ton Serpent Class. Though not as ambitious an effort as Book 6, it does include a couple of nice extras. A table called "Unfit for Service" details optional rules for failed survival rolls. A two page article introduces a new career, the Assassin. All of the info in the book is especially useful for action in The Beyond sector. Also included in the 12 page book are deck plans for the Serpent and information about Delta Research, a ship building mega corp located in the Beyond. The first version had a red cover, was not approved and didn't have the Delta Research info. The second version also had a red cover, was not approved, but had the Delta info and a cover illustration by Chuck Kallenbach II. Next came a blue covered version that was otherwise identical to the previous version. Finally came the first approved edition with a silver cover, then the 2nd edition with the beige cover.