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Mongoose Traveller 2nd Ed. High Guard: Aslan

This review originally appeared on rpg-resource.org.uk in December 2016, and was reprinted in the March/April 2017 issue.

High Guard: Aslan. Matthew Sprange.
Mongoose Publishing http://mongoosepublishing.com
40pp, PDF

This resource supplies Aslan-specific information to supplement and enhance material in the core High Guard book. The Introduction comments that technologically Alsan ships are pretty much like those used by humans (unsurprising given similar size and physiological requirements), but there are of course differences based on culture. In keeping with Aslan traditions, pilots are usually male (and in nominal command) whilst astrogators and engineers are usually female. Control systems also display a gender divide: those used by males are simplistic and show only basic and important information, those for females are complex, often bewilderingly so. Ships are highly decorated, even military ones, and all carry a Shrine to Heroes where crew members can meditate or draw inner strength. A common way of passing the time in space is the telling of stories, a communal event attended by passengers and off-duty crew alike.

After this overview, the remainder of the book contains extensive details of a number of different Aslan vessels. Each comes with full statistics, some background notes, isometric plans and sketches of the exterior (colourful, of course, it’s the Aslan way).

Giving some insights into Aslan life in the black, this book presents some fifteen novel vessels, each quite idiosyncratic and definitely Aslan in style to enhance your spaceways. Of particular use if you have Aslan in the party or are venturing into the Hierate, the Aslan get everywhere so one of these colourful vessels may show up wherever the party might happen to be. Hopefully they are in a friendly mood…