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Milieu 0 Campaign

I recently picked up the Milieu 0 Campaign book by Imperium Games. While it is true that this new hardcover book from IG incorporates previously published materials (Milieu 0 sourcebook, First Survey), it also includes a lot of new material that any fan of Traveller would like to have for their campaign, or their knowledge of the Third Imperium. I can say that I wish this kind of stuff had been around in the Classic Traveller era. Any fan of the Imperium must have this book.

We are presented with more detailed information about the size of the early Imperium--years 0-200, several entries about the surrounds of the Imperium--vis-a-vis Pocket Empires, more detailing and expansion of the Universal World Profile (UWP)--particularly an expansion of Law Levels is provided, along with rationale for other pieces of the UWP. There are also patron encounters as well as a full-fledged adventure, complete with deckplans for a Scout Cruiser. Lastly, an expanded timeline/events list more fully integrates the campaign with known information from Classic/MegaTraveller background.

I should also say that I like the trend that has been established that the referee has a lot of latitude in what is detailed, and what is left to each of us to do for ourselves. This means a lot less throw-away lines, and more meat and potatoes Traveller. I love it. If I hadn't started a new "variant" universe campaign over a year ago, that my players are happy with, I would switch to Milieu 0 in a heartbeat. (Since several of my players are known to get around, I should say that I never kill off a party just to start fresh. :) )

The glossy covers, complete with the eye-catching Foss artwork, continue to make these products something to be coveted, and the excellent campaign data appeal should attract any "black box" blueblood.

Finally, it makes clear that a Milieu is not just centered on the typical assumption that the starting digit of the Milieu is "when" it is at, but that the setting is for anyone wanting to run in 0, or any other year all the way up to 200.

There is a mystery, however. I don't know who did the work on the newly added sections (continuing the Milieu 0 sourcebook sequence) 9-12. No offense intended to anyone, but if these sections weren't written by Marc Miller, it certainly rivals his style.

All in all, it really does make the difference having the two past works combined with the new material to make a campaign book. I may just have to buy a second one as a "keeper."