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Cascadia Adventures 3: Fled

This article originally appeared on rpg-resource.org.uk in July 2016, and was reprinted in the March/April 2020 issue.

Cascadia Adventures 3: Fled. John Watts.
Gypsy Knights Games https://www.gypsyknightsgames.com
47pp., PDF
No longer available as a separate product.

As with the previous two adventures in the Cascadia series, this one is set in the alternate Traveller universe created by Gypsy Knights Games—it takes place in the Cascadia subsector which is part of Clement Sector. Again, the whole thing starts with the Razz Casino on Chance, a planet in Cascadia. Pre-generated characters and a ship are provided, or you can use your own. The advantage of the characters provided is that they are embedded into what is going on with links to the Casino and an array of useful contacts who pop up during the adventure to help—but if using your own characters it’s not too hard to work them in. Likewise, if you are not using the alternate universe it will be possible to amend the adventure to fit in with your own. If you have either of the previous two adventures, there is some repeated material—the pre-generated characters, the ship, and details of the Razz Casino itself—primarily for the benefit of those who only have this work. Each adventure stands alone, so if you like this one, go back and try the other two!

The plot is quite straightforward—or at least appears to be when first introduced. A fellow called Hawthorne, part of Razz Casino security, has stolen a large amount of money from the Casino and the owner, Carrie O’Malley, wants not just the money back but Hawthorne’s head on a platter as well. The party will be tasked with going to Cascadia, where Hawthorne used to live, and visiting his ex-wife to find out if she knows anything about the theft or Hawthorn’s whereabouts. They’ll have to be discreet, as this lady has since remarried… to one of Cascadia’s leading politicians.

Once the party has accepted the offer—and it is, shall we say, in their best interests to do so—they can begin to make their way to Cascadia via Dimme, another world where they can refuel. Throughout, scenes are presented as ‘essential’ (necessary to the plot), ‘optional’ (flavour and role-playing opportunities, but not contributing to the plotline) and ‘contact’ (where the party has a chance to gather useful information)—a neat trick to keep things moving yet create a sense of reality in your game.

There’s a spot of local color—and time for a meal—at Dimme, then on to Cascadia where the main part of the adventure takes place. There’s a lot going on, particularly on the political front with a major election coming up and the party soon gets caught up in it all. There are copious details of Cascadian politicians and their parties to provide background and substance to what is going on. Many of them could make useful contact for the future. Or enemies, of course, depending on the interactions the party has with them. Many in the Cascadian political scene play the game hard and with deadly sincerity.

It all builds up to an exciting climax at a political rally. There’s a plan of the auditorium and full notes about what’s where and what is taking place. Guile rather than brute force is likely to win the day; indeed, this is the case throughout the adventure. Parties who plan their actions and come up with inventive schemes to achieve their goals are likely to do best… but fear not, at several points there are opportunities for a brawl, although the consequences may not be to participants’ liking.

A well-written taut adventure that could leave the party with some measure of renown—or notoriety—as well as powerful friends and equally powerful enemies. And a ship.