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TYPE S. Martin J. Dougherty
Avenger Enterprises/Com-Star Inc.
48 pp, PDF e-Book
US $9.95 (US $6.97 on DrivethruRPG.com as of this writing)

This is the first offering from Avenger under their license with Mongoose Publishing that allows them to create products set in the Original Traveller Universe. The adventure involves a group of people in the year 1105 hired to recover a Type S Scout/Courier that had been abandoned by its former crew on the planet Walston in the District 268 subsector. In return for recovering Scout service property, the characters will be given use of the vessel for one year or an option to purchase the ship from the Scout Service. Needless to say, this makes an excellent way to get a ship into the hands of a group of Travellers.

It's always tough writing a review of an adventure because you don't want to give away too much of the story but you also want to provide a good look at the product and its quality. This adventure is one of the best I have seen in some time. It has some very interesting story moments and potential for far-reaching effects while at the same time being a simple introductory adventure. It doesn't have to involve any combat at all (although knowing the propensity of PCs this may the first thing that gets edited in play) but has some very tense moments and some parts that can be very action-filled. It takes place in the Sword Worlds and District 268 subsectors, which allows for inclusion of all sorts of intrigue if the referee desires to bring in elements from other sources. There's even a touch of humor in the writing which makes it far less dry to read.

I would definitely recommend this to all Traveller referees. It could be retrofit to CT or MT with very little difficulty. This will be kicking off my new Traveller campaign very soon and I look forward to seeing what havoc my players can wreak upon it.