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#1: Port Logbook

This is a computer- (but not “AI-”) generated puzzle. The editor has added the Traveller “paint job”.

The Portmaster at the Class D port had a busy week this week, and forgot to fill out his logs. Now he has to reconstruct them to send them to the SPA at the subsector capital. Between what he remembered, and what the locals could tell him about their dealings with the ships and their captains, he was able to satisfy the SPA. These are the facts that he used for the reconstruction:

Can you reconstruct the logs? The portmaster has to log the order in which the ships arrived, the berth that they were assigned, the ship’s name, the captain’s name, and the cargo they were carrying.

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Berth 1 2 3 4 5
Ship Sweet Potato Four Flusher Boxcars Thankless Child Fifth Dimension
Captain “the Bwap” Davis Corribant Alexandra El-Nadi
Cargo Mining Tools Automated Forge Portable Shelters Industrial Solvent Survey Equipment
Arrival Order 1 4 5 3 2