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The Traveller:5641 Project

The Traveller:5641 Project represents an attempt to develop a full Traveller universe, complete with multiple sophont species and interstellar politics and conflict, without the deus ex machina of the Ancients spreading humanity around the stars.

The project takes its name from the 'present' according to the Traveller timeline currently under development; the current date of 1120 Imperial Era is converted to the Terran civil calendar (which means adding 4521 to the year).

These pages will show the progress of the development of the project. Several methods of development will be used, including (but not necessarily limited to) parallelism with similar historical developments, play-by-email (PBEM) gaming similar to the methods outlined in the Pocket Empires sourcebook for Marc Miller's Traveller (T4), and ideas and feedback from those Traveller fans that are aware of the project. The historical outline of the Traveller:5641 universe is intended to match that of the Traveller universe as outlined by Game Designers' Workshop, Digest Group Publications, Imperium Games, and Steve Jackson Games, up to the point in each sophont species's development that Ancient intervention is documented, or first contact with an affected species occurs.

The following documents represent the development to date on the project:

Future material that will appear on this page will include (but not be limited to) revised timelines, a GALACTIC galaxy archive for the Traveller:5641 universe (also to be regularly revised and updated), transcripts of game development, and rules for the PBEM.