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Gamlabil TL5 Ground Car

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2024 issue.

Gamlabil ground car
TL 5 Crew 1
Skill Drive (wheel) Passengers 4
Agility -1 Cargo 0.5
Speed Very Slow Hull 8
Range (cruise) 100 (200) Shipping 2 tons

Cost Cr2675

Armour: Front 1, Rear 1, Sides 1
Traits: None
Equipment & Weapons: Control Systems: Primitive

The Sbething Industries Gamlabil is an early wheeled vehicle that is rather cumbersome to drive (Bane on all Drive rolls). It has a soft top which takes four minutes to put into place and half that time to fold down. Four passengers can be carried with three in the back seat (a little cramped) and one in the front. A fifth can be carried up front but adds a DM-1 (in addition to the Bane) to all drive rolls. The model pictured has an internal combustion engine but Sbething have produced a steam-powered external combustion engine variant for TL3 and TL4 worlds. There are collectors on higher tech worlds who, favouring the distinctive looks but disliking the unreliability and preferring ease of use, have replaced the engine with a TL12 fusion plant. The Gamlabil generally carries one spare tyre at the rear (but some configurations place the spare behind the left fender instead, and one could special-order a second spare behind the right fender as well) and can expect to have to replace a tyre every 50km on a failed Routine Drive roll. Requires at least Mechanic 0 to keep on the road as it is prone to breakdown.