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Rodinal Gravely III

Sir Rodinal Gravely III, Marquis of Vladinaria and Lord High Protector of the Lowlands of Llum.

Sir Rodinal ('Roddi') was a galactic playboy 28 year's old, bright, well educated, and bored with a life where you have tasted 'all the galaxy has to offer'. Always at the right parties or doing the latest cool extreme sport, he decided to seek thrills in new directions and convinced some of the 'in crowd' to join him about his new Free Trader for a few months of 'slumming it like the ordinary people'. After a few weeks his 'friends' drifted back home as the harsh realities of the life of a trader become apparent. To his amazement, Rodinal found himself relishing the freedom of his new 'hobby' and the sense of independence he got from it. He realised that there was so much more to 'ordinary people' than the 2-dimensional servants that had fawned over him in his youth - he began to grow up and mature. After searching out replacement crew, he has chosen the current bunch of individuals, all of whom he has come to respect for their abilities. Whilst he is still nobility at heart, he has begun to see the universe at it really is and has made the decision to try to make it on his own without help from his family or their money. He has two main hopes; that he will be able to build a successful freight shipping line and that he will someday rescue a beautiful damsel in distress from her evil stepfather/uncle and she will eventually become his wife (he imagines her as beautiful, single and very poor and normal), he is a hopeless romantic at heart. Whilst he leaves the day-to-day running and operating of his ship (The Merry Troubadour) to his more capable crew, he undertakes the actual cargo trading and brokerage and the associated administrative requirements of starship ownership and operation.

He is of average height and slim built. He has tanned skin, long blue/black hair, and brown eyes. He wears the finest clothes and is always looking for new fashions with which to update his wardrobe. He rarely carries a firearm (it is beneath a noble, he thinks), but if required, he will wear an expensive looking heavy Magnum (only the best) Autopistol in a garish (but very fashionable and expensive) holster.

Str 10
Dex 15
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 15
Cha 12
Edu 14
SS 17
Armour Proficiency (Light), Armour Proficiency (Vac Suit), Barter, Carousing, Connections (Merchants), Credit Line, Dumb Luck, Market Analyst, Trustworthy, Vehicle (Grav), Weapons Proficiency (Marksman)
Appraise +4, Bluff +2, Bribery +9, Broker +10, Driving +4, Gambling +10, Gather Information +7, Innuendo +4, K/Trade+Com' Law +4, Liaison +5, P/Administration +10, T/Computer +4, T/Communications +4, Trader +10
AC (normal) 15
AC (flatfooted) 13
AR 3
Stamina 32
Lifeblood 12
Melee +3
Ranged +3
Fort Save +4
Ref Save +3
Will Save +7
Galanglic, Irilitok (halting)
Short-range com unit, Handcomp, Mesh Armour, Reflec Armour, TL12 Vac Suit, Wristwatch, Category 2 Weapon Permit (Civilian Smallarms), Portcullis Sector Duke Magnum Autopistol (+1 to hit, d12 damage, 65m range) and three 10rd magazines, Expensive clothes for all occasions, Starship: The Merry Troubadour

Available wealth: Cr10,000