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Badru Kiprotich

Badru Kiprotich
A97966 Age 43 Cr 100,000
6 Terms Law Enforcer Sergeant (Rank 2)
Pension Cr12,000/yr
Assets: Laser Rifle, Auto Snub Pistol, Expanding Baton, High PassageŚ2
Skills (Classic Traveller, Books 1-3 only):
Streetwise-2, Cudgel-1, Gambling-1, Brawling-1, Jack-of-all-Trades-1, Ships Boat-1, Autopistol-1, Dagger-1, Laser Rifle-0
Skills (MegaTraveller):
Streetwise-3, Cudgel-2, Gambling-2, Brawling-1, Handgun-1, Tactics-1, Jack-of-all-Trades-1, Stealth-1, Intrusion-1, Laser Weapons-1, Ships Boat-1, Small Blade-1, Computer-0, Grav Vehicle-0
Skills (Mongoose Traveller):
Computer-0, Flyer (Grav)-0, Gambler-2, Gun Combat (Slug Pistol)-1, Gun Combat (Energy Rifle)-1, Investigate-1, Jack-of-all-Trades-1, Melee (Bludgeon)-1, Melee (Small Blade)-1, Melee (Unarmed)-1, Pilot (Small Craft)-1, Stealth-1, Streetwise-2, Tactics (Military)-1
1 Enemy, 2 Contacts

Badru “Bad” Kiprotich is an imposing presence, standing an even 2m tall and massing 115kg. His dark skin contrasts with light hazel eyes whose twinkle conceals their owner’s constant, subtle survey of every detail of his environment. Since retiring as a government security officer a year ago, he has worked as security for various private concerns, often casinos. While his lack of education prevented him from formal assignment to an investigative role while he was in government service, the investigation division of Regina’s security services made extensive use of his street smarts, ultimately to their credit rather than his. The limitation on his advancement left him bitter, and he generally will not discuss his work during that period. Indeed, the sergeant is seldom one to speak of himself at all.

“Bad” dresses neatly, but comfortably, and avoids anything with an expensive or refined look. He likes simple peasant prints, favoring light greens and blues, loosely hanging off his broad shoulders, stuck into dark military uniform pants. His baton and pistol are discretely stowed in a very casual leather shoulder bag, which along with soft leather high-top boots add to his slightly incongruous, earthy look.

His smile is warm and disarming, and those it is focused on often find themselves drawn out by his easy conversational manner. He is deft at probing without seeming to, when conversation is called for, and always seems to know just what to ask. He uses these same talents on and off the job, and never lacks for companionship, but has neither lasting friendships or romantic relationships. This is because he is never fully satisfied with any of his liaisons, nor with himself as a partner. Though fascinated by women, “Bad” in fact unconsciously seeks out those who share his callous distance with partners. For all his ease in conversation, sensing others’ moods and thoughts, Bad is loath to share any more of his own than absolutely necessary.

Kiprotich’s talents are do not primarily lay within focused investigation or interrogation, per se, but rather in spotting the signs of criminal enterprises, which others in the investigative branch would then more closely assess. In his more recent employ, most threats to gambling establishments were easily dissuaded by simply knowing that the imposing, leonine, confident “Bad” was paying them critical attention. Of the more sophisticated commercial threats, word would be passed on to others to conduct a thorough investigation. The mix, however, is much more to his favor in the private sector, where merely scaring off the trouble is often the most efficient goal for the business. Where physical intervention is called for, however, “Bad” excels. On those occasions, he plunges in with both feet.

This enthusiasm for the rough and tumble was the cause of his losing his most recent real (indeed, his most lucrative) security job, working for for a highport casino. He then had a working passage as a backup security man on a liner, but quit before they could let him go; he knew he spent too much time playing cards with the passengers, and took a little bit too much of their money for the first officer’s liking. He is now playing cards in a low-key watering hole in the starport, looking for some sort of security job. Indeed, it need not be one where his more subtle talents are required, as Bad feels a growing need to clobber some poor git stupid enough to try to put up any kind of resistance. He is also open for any other diversion, as he is trying to get his mind off his role in losing the sweet casino job.