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Dejovaline Ibn Sung

Holding the most powerful civilian position in the Vanejen system, Dejovaline Ibn Sung was appointed to the port directorship in 1116, after two of her predecessors were discharged on various charges of graft and corruption. Highly regarded by her supervisors on Rhylanor, Director Sung was given the task to clean up the Star Port Authority (SPA) image on Vanejen and she has taken that task to heart.

Director Sung was born in the Danison Domes of Rhlyanor, a distant relative to the ruling clan of that city. Her family connections were able to get her a position in the SPA very early, beginning as a legal clerk in the huge bureaucracy of the Rhylanor system starport. Her experiences there, and at the politically rancorous Porozolo starport earned her a reputation as a skilled Administrator, as well as a shrewd politician (especially after negotiating the rather blandly named "Intermodal Pan-Porozolo corridor VIII" - an extremely lucrative air/space travel corridor between several mutually hostile Porozolar nation-states). She was known to have nerves of steel and never give up, sometimes simply wearing down opposition by sheer tenacity. A Porozolov politician once gave her the nickname "the Grindstone"; it has stuck with her since.

In 1105 the "Showstopper" scandals erupted on Vanejen; a handful of Imperial nobles and dozens of civilians and military, including two successive port Directors, were charged with various types of fraud and racketeering. In the meantime, Sung had risen as high as her family connections could take her in the hierarchy at Rhylanor. Still, she was reluctant when approached to take this position - it had destroyed the career of the original port Director, and the person first assigned to replace him. She only took the job after a personal plea (and promises of legal protection) from the powerful Gizerimesh clan patriarch, whose family has extensive interests on Vanejen.

Director Sung came to Vanejen with little knowledge of the world and its cultures, but has been working steadily to understand, and fix, the problems at the starport. Most of the planet is too low tech to deal closely with interstellar commerce but several offworld groups have made life somewhat more complicated. Especially notable are the "Mematlajur," clans of ex-Navy retirees that operate various plantations and other landholds ('steads'). Most treat Vanejen as their personal property and while a few were indicted in the scandals it is widely believed many more escaped conviction, probably with bribes.

Director Sung can be found working day and night, ten days a week. She will personally investigate any questionable dealings among starport personal that come to her attention. This has earned her a reputation as an imperious busy-body, one more concerned with her position and the feeling of her bosses at Rhylanor than for the good of her staff. Needless to say, most of the staff goes out of their way to have questionable dealings, if only just to vex 'the Grindstone.' Few go so far as to actually do anything illegal, however, as Director Sung is justifiably feared.

Port Director Sung can usually be found at the Highport, on the outer moon Gajsarir, stalking about the administration corridors or holding meetings with department heads. Maybe a day or two a week does she make it down to the Gaming Fields, the SPA downport located at the planetary capital of Jeelik. Her official residency is here, in the posh riverside residential section. The home overlooks the polluted, barge-clogged Nal, and the drab, gray factories of Kad Island and the New Industries zone, perpetually shrouded in a fine beige smog. It is usually home only a small household staff and a rather pleased Marine guard detail.

Invariably when 'dirtside' Director Sung has to attend at least one party, fete, tea or other celebration put on by the overly social and condescending (in her opinion) Mematlajur. While resentful of her perceived second-class status, Sung is politically savvy enough to know this is where the real power is. So she admires their rhyzomaize fields and genuine Chirper woven baskets and pretends not to hear their comments about a 'tame' port director. The 'native' rulers, the Great Families, routinely invite Sung to their events, which she courteously, and consistently, declines. She hates going dirtside.

Director Dejovaline Ibn Sung stands about 5'4", 120 lbs. She has dark hair, graying at the temples, cut in a flat, almost military manner. Her large, hook nose, round face and epicanthic eye folds indicates her nearly pure Solomani ancestry. This makes her stand out from the nearly genetically pure Vilani natives of Vanejen, but so far few have made this an issue. Her face is in a perpetual scowl - this doesn't seem to have anything to do with her genetics...

Typically she wears the uniform of a starport Director; a severe cut variant of an Imperial Naval suit in midnight blue, chrome and brass insignia shined to a mirror brilliance. By ancient tradition, (passed down by IISS Scouts assigned to this system over the centuries when Vanejen was under interdiction), she carries an ancient, large bore revolver when on duty (she doesn't know how to use it, but it doesn't work anyway, being over six hundred years old). Otherwise she carries on her a short range, a pocket computer (TL12), a few dozen Credits (enough for meals at a port cantina), and personal ID and papers in a wallet kept in her jacket.

Character Sheet Data

Classic Traveller:

(as ex-Marine) 778ABA terms 4
Administration 3, Computer 1, Leader 2

GURPS Traveller (134 points):

Attributes: ST 10 [0], DX 10 [0], IQ 15 [60], HT 10 [0]
Advantages: Administrative Rank 5 [25], Legal Enforcement Powers (Director's Discretion) [5] , Status 3 [15], Imperturbable [10], Security Clearance (3 levels) [15]
Disadvantages: Duty (12 or less, rarely life threatening) [-5], Hidebound [-5], Odious Personal Habits (Imperious) [-5], Stubbornness [-5], Workaholic [-5]
Primary Skills: Administration 16 [4], Law 15 [4], Politics 16 [4]
Secondary Skills: Computer Operations/GTL10 15 [2], Diplomacy 15 [4], Leadership 15 [2], Research 15 [2], Writing 14 [1]
Background Skills: Savior-Faire 16 [4], Accounting 16 [4]
Quirks [-2]: Always uses honorifics and full names, except among a very close circle of friends. Detests Vanejenese cooking, save for poached utility fish (a local delicacy) which she can't get enough of.