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November/December 2020


Nov/Dec 2020 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Theme Issue: Starships
Critics’ Corner Darkest Stars: A Classic Traveller Fanzine Timothy Collinson
Other People’s Toys: Pip System Corebook Jeff Zeitlin
Off the Table: Legacy of Lehr Jim Catchpole
Off the Table: The Number of the Beast Timothy Collinson
Raconteurs’ Rest Smoke Test: Once in a Blue Moon [Chapter Ten] Michael Capriola and C. A. Pella
After-Action Report: Ascent to Anekthor Timothy Collinson
Active Measures Getting Off the Ground: Red Zone Louis Wester
In A Store Near You Alka Shiriigi Personal Attendant Robot Benedikt Schwarz
Portable Chemical Detector, TL9-11 Sam Swindell
Multimedia Gallery Twilight Stories #1: Port of Transit Mike Cross
Less Dangerous Game Collinson’s Kirpi Timothy Collinson
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #47: Lockdown Breakdown Timothy Collinson
Doing It My Way The Robot as Animal Kevin Scrivner

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From the Editor

This issue being a Theme Issue sort of “just happened”—while I was trying to decide which article to mark as the featured article (and there were several good candidates), I noticed that I had several articles of good length on starship-related topics. That was enough to decide to “feature” all of them, and convert the issue to a Theme Issue.

I have several other ideas for Theme Issues; perhaps providing a partial list will inspire some of our readers to generate some appropriate articles:

The Yacht:
Focussing on starships owned by and outfitted for the pleasure of individuals.
The Cruise:
Starships, adventures, personalities, etc., that might be connected with a multi-jump interstellar trip to tourism destinations.
A Darker Imperium:
The Imperium is generally portrayed as having a “light hand” on its subject worlds. But what about the unspoken “velvet glove covering a mailed fist”? Is the Imperium suppressing discussion of some of its less-savory aspects?
Religion and Philosophy:
Everyone believes in something, and those beliefs influence attitudes and actions. What are some of those beliefs? What happens when different belief systems start rubbing against each other?