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October 2012


October 2012 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Active Measures Getting Off the Ground: The Galactic Gourmet Michael Brown
Critics’ Corner Mongoose Traveller - The Third Imperium - Alien Module 3: Darrians kafka
Mongoose Traveller - Compendium 2 Timothy Collinson
Raconteurs Rest Drop Out (Part 19) Ken Murphy
In A Store Near You The Showroom: General Purpose Hoverjeep Timothy Collinson
NHR 6000 Ship Repair Robot Ewan Quibell
The Shipyard Mongoose Traveller Designs: Earth Alliance Salvage Shuttle Richard Page
Classic Traveller Designs: Markwies-class Luriani Raider Andrea Vallance
Other Roads Wounded Colossus Bill Cameron

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From the Editor

While the Editor was putting the finishing touches on this issue of Freelance Traveller, the computer on which the magazine is prepared played the ‘incoming e-mail’ sound. On inspecting the newly arrived mail, we found that it was a plea for ideas to ‘energize the base’. The specific problem at issue is that there appears not to be—despite having all the ‘right’ ingredients, as expressed previously by the community—much interest in Terra/Sol Games’ Kickstarter for Six Guns: Lasers. In his email, Mike Cross uses phrases like ‘...this thing is turning into a referendum on whether or not Traveller fans want us to keep producing products for the system...’ and he indicates that he doesn’t want to go in that direction.

We’re relaying his plea to the entire community: Please, tell Mike and TSG what you want from them. How do you see TSG fitting into the publishing side of the Traveller community, and how can they catch and hold your interest, so that you’ll buy their products? (And do the same for other publishers, too!)

We’re also encouraging the community to participate in Traveller-related Kickstarts, and to buy products, from some of the lesser-known publishers, as well as the major ones—we’ve got a good list on the next-to-last page of every issue (page 38, this issue), and we’ll add to that list as we learn about new publishers. All of them have appeared at least once in a ‘Follow Your Favorites’ e-mail from DTRPG, where the Editor has a single favorite selected: Traveller. As much as we appreciate the support we’ve received from the community over the twenty years or so that Freelance Traveller has existed, that support is secondary to supporting the commercial publishers. We’re not urging blind support; quite the contrary: your money needs to be spent in ways that you feel will best serve your Traveller needs, and encourage the products that you want to see.

Finally… your money talks, and it does so loudly. But it’s not the only voice that gets listened to. Write to the publishers, write reviews, and tell them what you want to see.